WrapPixel, creators of powerful Angular 5 and Angular 6 dashboard designs have recently updated their popular AdminWrap templates to Angular 6.

AdminWrap’s already feature-packed Angular 6/CLI template now comes with even more admin template goodies to unlock including new pages, new UI elements (e.g. time pickers and drag and drop functions) and two brand new applications.

Whether you are a web developer, web agency or a hands-on business owner looking to manage your own project, AdminWrap is a time-saving tool you should have in your toolkit.

This expansive package enables you to speed up the creation of admin panels or dashboards while maintaining high-quality standards and complete flexibility. Take a look at the free live demos (which you can install straight from your browser) and imagine how much time you could save on your current or future web or app back-end projects. You can see the sample pages and examples of features and components by simply selecting them from the sidebar.

Read on to find out what standard features and exciting extra goodies come packaged together with this latest AdminWrap iteration.

What Features Come as Standard with AdminWrap Angular 6 Admin Template?

With four unique demos (Main, MiniSidebar, Dark and Horizontal) and three free angular dashboard variations (Modern, Classic and Analytical), there are plenty ‘out of the box’ solutions for inspiration or for those budget admin panel projects where the client is happy to just rebrand a basic dashboard design.

However, AdminWrap’s modular design means that you are free to customize these demos as much as you want or to build up a fresh design from scratch using the many Angular components, UI elements and applications at your disposal.

In short, AdminWrap comes packed with everything you might need to quickly and easily fulfil your clients’ demands for a functional and aesthetically pleasing control panel or admin dashboard.

For example, you can opt for light or dark designs, choose from six pre-defined colour skins (or create your own unique palette) and use Sass-based CSS to tweak and streamline your design markup code.

AdminWrap is fully responsive for rendering on any device and compatible with multiple browser types (including Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari).

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What Extra Goodies Can you Expect?

So far so good? Well, there is much more to enjoy and benefit from when you download your AdminWrap template.

To start with, there are over 100 pre-built pages which can be tweaked and integrated into your projects. These include templates for authentication pages, login pages, registration pages, 404 error pages and lock screens. There are also sample pages for timelines, profiles, pricing and invoices among others.

Your project can also benefit from:

  • Many types of chart and graph (e.g. chart.js and chartis.js libraries)
  • Plenty of widgets
  • Lots of tables (including basic, smart and data tables)
  • Over 2,000 icon fonts (including Font Awesome, Simple Line, Linea, Google Material, Themify and weather icon sets)
  • Unlimited colours
  • Forms and form elements (basic forms, validation forms, form typeheads, date pickers, etc.)
  • Over 50 UI components and elements
  • Applications

The last two goodies are worth looking into in more depth because they offer so many options for really customizing your project to a fine degree, ensuring your or your client’s website or application is truly unique.

What are UI Components and Elements?

UI components and elements are commonly found design elements which have been written in Angular code. They can be copied, combined, customized and integrated into many different Angular and non-Angular projects.

Components provided with WrapPixel’s latest AdminWrap release include:

  • Accordions
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Buttons
  • Cards
  • Carousels
  • Drag and drop (new addition!)
  • Editor
  • File uploader
  • Modals
  • Multi-level Dropdowns
  • Paginations
  • Popovers
  • Pricings
  • Progressbars
  • Ratings
  • Tabs
  • Timelines
  • Timepickers (new addition!)
  • Toastr
  • Tooltips

With such a wide variety of UI elements at your disposal, building powerful and functional websites at lightning speed will be possible. Customizing attributes such as color, size and shape can be easily achieved for ultimate design flexibility.

Introducing Applications (Including Two Brand New Additions!)

Charts, graphs and tables are common features of admin dashboards but many businesses now integrate many more business functions into their websites.

As a result, control panels have to be more adaptable than ever. What would you say if your client wanted to monitor web traffic, track revenue, read emails, manage tasks and schedule meetings from one central place?

Well, AdminWrap applications are for just this scenario. They are designed to extend the function of the admin area even further by incorporating email inboxes and composers and now even calendars and taskboards.

This means that you can now design a dashboard that allows an administrator to read and write emails, schedule in appointments, create employee rotas and manage the workflow of ongoing projects – all from one admin area!

Since all AdminWrap applications have a familiar design, they will probably require little if any training to understand. This is bound to impress your clients as they anticipate a dashboard that is ready to go from Day One.

Licensing Options

You may be thinking that such valuable, content-rich packages come with a hefty price tag? The good news is that you can purchase a multiple-use license for under $70. This will enable you to create unlimited personal and commercial projects. If you are only looking to work on one project, a single use license is just $29.

If you intend to create a SaaS application for which an end user can be charged, you will need to opt for the extended use license instead at $399.

All license options include a year’s premium support and a lifetime of free updates.

Are you Convinced?

With these latest updates, WrapPixel has once again pushed the boundaries of what an Angular admin template can deliver. AdminWrap is perfectly placed to meet the demands of even the most particular business owner and would be a worthy addition to the shopping basket of every web developer and agency looking to save time and money through streamlining their app development lifecycle.

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