We all recognize a high-quality dashboard (aka back-end admin area) if we see one. They have a modern, attractive design with beautifully styled charts, tables, and graphs; slick functionality and amazing page load speed.

What are the secrets that the web companies developing these superb dashboards have that their competitors don’t? Are they genius coders? Do they have decades of industry experience? Do they have thousands of dollars set aside for commissioning top-of-the-range themes?

Some might indeed fit the above profile but there is one secret that is enabling average-sized web companies and standalone web developers to compete on an equal footing: they use Bootstrap admin templates and UI kits.

The Power of Bootstrap

If you are a web developer or run a web company and have never heard of Bootstrap before then this article could literally change your life.

Bootstrap began its life as Blueprint, an in-house Twitter project designed to make life easier for developers. Rather than constantly dipping into different code libraries and building interfaces from disparate parts, Blueprint was set up to create a one-stop front-end framework which would include all the elements Twitter developers might ever need. No more inconsistency. No more wasted time. No more maintenance headaches.

Blueprint soon outgrew its modest brief and was renamed Bootstrap. In 2011, Bootstrap was released into the wild as an open source project and it has since exploded on GitHub, currently the second most starred repository.

Bootstrap is a front-end development framework written using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It is designed to help web developers to create mobile-first responsive websites, landing pages, apps and other projects.

Bootstrap 4, released in 2015, is the latest iteration of the framework and is used by web companies and developers to quickly and easily design and build front-end web pages and back-end admin templates for their clients’ projects. Bootstrap comes with its own customized page on which developers can simply check the aspects they need for each project and uncheck the rest. One of the most useful aspects of Bootstrap is its famous responsive grid system on which elements can be arranged so that they render well on almost any device and browser.

What is an Admin Template?

A simple admin panel template is sometimes referred to as a ‘dashboard’. It is a webpage that is designed only to be seen and accessed by those who need to maintain and update the content and other elements of a website and monitor its performance.

An administrator of a website is analogous to the driver of a car which is why the term dashboard is apt. Admins need to be able to see the most important information at a glance, spot problems quickly and know exactly what buttons to press to access other areas of the website. This is why the design of admin pages are so important to a website project. Web developers need to be able to quickly and flexibly add, remove and rearrange elements on an admin page to suit their clients’ needs.

If you take a look at any one of our Bootstrap 4 admin templates you will find that in addition to several different ‘out of the box’ dashboard designs and page templates there are hundreds of different elements. You will find many different types of the chart for keeping track of data (line charts, Morris charts, knob charts, etc.), tables, calendars, custom page types, widgets, models, menus, galleries, forms…the list goes on. You will also find thousands of fonts and icons from well-known collections such as Font Awesome and Themify.

How About a UI Kit?

A user interface kit (UI kit) such as WrapKit gives web developers even more flexibility when it comes to designing those stunning admin dashboards. Whereas single admin templates (e.g. Elegant, AdminWrap, AdminPro, etc.) include multiple templates, pages, and elements to work with, a full UI kit contains many more elements, hundreds of page sections and dozens of pre-built templates. Since the admin template open source is available, the code is open source, even the smallest building blocks can be fully customized for complete control over the appearance of the final project.

How Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates and UI Kits can Transform your Business

It should be a bit clearer now how templates built on the Bootstrap 4 framework are making it much easier for small and medium-sized web companies to compete with the large corporates but, if not, we can spell it out here:


As you can see, for less than $60 you can instantly download one of our feature-packed Bootstrap 4 admin templates and immediately start creating websites and landing pages for multiple clients. For a few hundred dollars you could even create a SaaS app that end users pay to use. These license fees will be very quickly recouped through sales.


There will be no more searching through obscure libraries to find a piece of code to meet a client’s need. Even if you can’t find what you need from the existing custom page types, charts, tables, design elements, thousands of fonts, attractive pre-set color schemes and more, you will normally be able to edit the source code directly to create what you need, For clients on a small budget with simple requirements, it’s just a case of finding a suitable template and tweaking the details. This all adds up to super-fast turnaround time with no compromise on quality.

Mobile-First Responsive Layout

All elements can be hung on the classic Bootstrap grid-based framework which enables websites and apps to look great on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs. Bootstrap 4 is also compatible with most browsers.

Lifetime Updates and 1 Year Support

Technology and design trends change all the time but your Wrappixel’s best admin templates and UI kits will never go out of date. That’s because we will supply you with lifetime updates, even for our free, personal use only ‘Lite’ versions. Paying customers also get the benefit of a year’s worth of support to help you get over any teething problems (although our excellent documentation will help you with most queries you face).

So there you have it. The best admin templates free download based on the Bootstrap 4 front-end web development framework are the secret weapon in the armory of smart web companies. This is why they are able to churn out large volumes of high quality, W3C compliant, speed optimized and aesthetically beautiful dashboards without shelling out hundreds of dollars.

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