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Updated: May 09, 2024
Created: May 16, 2018
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What’s included?

5+ multipurpose and highly customizable demo variations included in the package

xtreme bootstrap admin main demo version
Main Demo Version
sales admin dashboard
Minisidebar Demo Version
horizontal menu fixed width demo version
Horizontal Demo
Dark color demo version
Dark Demo Version
rtl admin dashboard template
RTL Demo Version

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What’s included?

12 easy to use and stunning application designs included in the package

chat application design template
Chat Application
Calendar Application design
Calendar Application
Contact Application design template
Contact Application
Blogs Application design template
Blogs Application
best Blog Detail Application design template
Blog Detail Application
best contact application design template
eCommerce Application
eCommerce Detail Application design template
eCommerce Detail Application
premium User Profile Application design template
User Profile Application
Invoice Application design template
Invoice Application
responsive bootstrap Notes Application design template
Notes Application
responsive bootstrap Kanban Application design template
Kanban Application
responsive bootstrap Email Application design template
Email Application

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UI Components


Dark & Light Sidebar


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Discover the Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Template – a groundbreaking approach to web administration that blends cutting-edge design with unparalleled functionality. This template isn't just about streamlining your workflow; it's about elevating your entire web management experience. Designed for versatility and ease of use, Xtreme Bootstrap Admin offers an intuitive interface that makes complex tasks simple and mundane tasks enjoyable. Whether you're overseeing a dynamic e-commerce platform, managing a bustling online community, or tracking project progress, Xtreme Bootstrap Admin provides the perfect backdrop for all your admin needs. It’s more than a tool; it’s a complete ecosystem designed to enhance and simplify the way you interact with your digital space.

Designed for Modern Needs

  • Customizable Layouts:Tailor your dashboard to fit exactly what you need. Choose from a range of layouts that suit everything from analytics to project management.
  • Theme Variety:Play with colors and themes that not only look great but also align with your brand or personal style.

Tools for Every Task

  • Robust Page Templates:Dive into a diverse collection of page templates. Whether it’s for reports, user profiles, or analytics, there’s a template ready for use.
  • Expansive UI Components:Use over 500 UI components to add functionality and flair to your dashboard. They're designed to make your workflow smoother and more efficient.

Work Anywhere, Effortlessly

  • Fully Responsive Design:Xtreme is built to work seamlessly on any device, ensuring your dashboard is always accessible, whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or phone.

Data Management Made Simple

  • Dynamic Charts and Graphs:Turn your data into easy-to-understand, visually appealing charts and graphs. It’s about making information accessible and actionable.

A Partner in Your Web Journey

  • For Developers and Designers:Xtreme is crafted to be as versatile as it is powerful, catering to both the technical needs of developers and the creative demands of designers.
  • Continuous Updates and Support:Stay up-to-date with the latest web technologies. Xtreme’s regular updates keep your dashboard modern, and our support team is always here to assist.

The Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Template isn’t just about building a dashboard; it’s about creating a workspace that’s efficient, visually appealing, and tailored to your needs. It's a tool that adapts to your workflow, not the other way around. Transform the way you manage your web applications with Xtreme.


  • RTL Dashboard version
  • 5 unique demos
  • Range Slider
  • 10+ unique dashboards
  • 3400+ Font icons
  • Completely responsive pages
  • Charts & tables
  • Dark and light sidebar themes
  • Megamenu
  • Data Table export to PDF, Excel, CSV
  • Widgets and UI components
  • Validation forms
  • Application Designs
  • 6 color skins

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We pour everything into our work, which is visible through our high-quality products. We offer 24x7 support to our customers, so their work doesn’t get delayed.

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Stephan Würfl


We built a whole userpanel with this template and we love it. its easy to use and really great

Alfredo Niederer


Muy buen material de trabajo, hasta ahora me ha sido muy útil y de gran ayuda para mi trabajo y estudio. Gracias



Hi everyone, I just bought xtreme template and this guys are doing great job. I am definitely sure who purchases here will not be dissapointed as my excitment is still getting more with every day because the template is huge and have lot of features Regards Vinay/Shilpa owner @ webconsult



Good theme

SMP Coderz Technologies


great work

Nicolas Osorio


Very concerned about solving the problems of their customers. Great services. Thank you very much!



They are help me every time until success .



Thank You. Xtreme! With "Xtreme Bootstrap Admin" I was able to finish my previous project well.

Peter Hamilton


This a great clear cut template which everything that you need for a backend dashboard .... Peter Hamilton https://www.doctorstoday.com

tsh template


easy and useful.

Daniel De La Luz D.


Lincence Change its to bad

Change Log

Version 8.0 (9th May 2024)

  • Updated File Structure
  • Separated sidebar header in partial folder
  • Updated Gulp File / and packages

Version 6 (05-Dec-2023)

  • Updated Structure- now with component based
  • Removed overlay, iconbar demo which is not necessory.
  • Rewrite the css and js for customizer and other pages
  • Gulp base sass compilation

Version 5 (03-May-2023)

  • Added package from direct npm and import it from there
  • Updated Bootstrap version 5.3.0-alpha1
  • Update box style
  • Calendar App Updated
  • Invoice app updated
  • TODO app updated
  • Documentation Updated
  • Landingpage Updated
  • Updated notification page
  • Updated carousel page
  • Updated scrollspy page
  • Updated toast page
  • Updated all packages to their compitable version
  • Added prismjs package in place of highlight

Version 4 (15st Dec, 2022)

  • Updated to bootstrap latest version 5.2.3

Version 3.0 (1st Feb, 2021)

  • Updated Bootstrap version 5
  • added accordian page
  • added badge page
  • added widget feed page
  • added apexchart page
  • change charts with apexchart in all dashboards
  • updated notification page
  • updated button page
  • updated dropdown page
  • updated modal page
  • updated tab page
  • updated pagination page
  • updated typography page
  • updated breadcrumb page
  • updated list page
  • updated grid page
  • updated carousel page
  • updated scrollspy page
  • updated toast page
  • updated basic card page , added new card designs
  • updated custom card page , added new card designs
  • updated app widget, data widget and chart widget pages
  • updated all form pages
  • updated all table pages
  • change card default style
  • change inner button style
  • updated ecommerce pages
  • added authentication login 3 page
  • change icon pages style
  • remove custom margin-padding class and added default bootstrap margin-padding class
  • added dropdown animation in header
  • change checkbox and radio button style
  • change feather icons in header and customizer

Version 2.3 (19th Feb, 2020)

  • Added Chat app
  • Added Contact app
  • Added Invoice app
  • Added Notes app
  • Added Todo app
  • Updated to Bootstrap 4.4.1
  • Changed whole folder structure
  • modifed whole template code

Version 2.3 (5th September, 2019)

  • Created Detailed Documentation

Version 2.2 (1st May, 2019)

  • nouislider updated to 13.1.4 Version
  • raty-js updated to 2.9.0 Version
  • bootstrap-colorpicker updated to 3.1.1 Version
  • bootstrap-table - Added SOME EXTRA TABLES
  • ckeditor updated to 4.11.3 Version
  • inputmask - Added 2 new features
  • masonry-layout updated to 4.2.2 Version
  • perfect-scrollbar updated to 1.4.0 Version
  • pickadate updated to 3.6.3 Version
  • raphael updated to 2.2.8 Version
  • summernote 0.8.11 Version
  • tablesaw updated to 3.1.2 Version

V 2.1 (8th January, 2019)

  • Updated to Bootstrap v4.2.1
  • Added form-bootstrap-validation Page
  • Added ui-spinner Page
  • Added ui-scrollspy Page
  • Added ui-toasts Page
  • Updated ui-bootstrap – Range
  • Updated ui-modal – Extra Large modal Click on image, Scrolling long content, Vertically Center, Tooltips & Popovers, Modal with Grid,
  • Updated ui-buttons – Different Menu Content, Button Toolbar with Input Group, Toggle States [Button Plugin], Checkbox buttons with Click[Checked] event, Radio buttons with Click[Checked] event
  • Updated ui-list-media – JavaScript behavior
  • Updated ui-carousel – With Individual Interval
  • Updated ui-grid – Gutters, Order classes, Offsetting columns, Nesting
  • Updated form-basic – Custom File Uploads with different languages,
  • Created & Supported by Real People to give you Amazing Experience

    We pour everything into our work, which is visible through our high-quality products. We offer 24x7 support to our customers, so their work doesn’t get delayed.

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