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Updated: April 12, 2021
Created: October 14, 2019
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    Brilliant in Design & Feature Rich VueJs / Bootstrapvue Admin Template

    Awesomely Designed & Carefully Crafted with VueJs. Verify yourself by checking live demos. You will surely fall in love over the fresh design & brilliant code.

    What’s included?

    5 easy to use and awesome application designs included in the package

    Why Choose Xtreme BootstrapVue Admin?

    6 Color Schemes

    Included 6 color schemes with Xtreme BootstrapVue admin.

    Light / Dark Layout

    Options available to select suitable layout for your project.

    90+ Page Templates

    Yes, we have added 90+ Page templates to make it easier.

    75+ UI Components

    You will get more than 75+ unique UI Components.

    6 Ready to use apps

    We have added 6 different apps for your regular use and make easier to work with.


    This template is build with BootstrapVue which is library of vuejs components.

    Multi Language Support

    We have added multilanguage for you to create pages in your language.

    Lazy Loader

    Lazy loader is only visible when route is visited.

    Easy to Customize

    Our Template is easy to apply any required changes.

    Lots of Chart Options

    Included best possible chart options for your projects.

    Fully Responsive

    Xtreme BootstrapVue admin is fully responsive template.

    No Jquery Dependency

    Jquery is great library but not a standard to use it with Vuejs.

    Algolia Search

    We have included algolia search in ecommerce app.

    2000+ Font Icons

    Included more than 2000 Premium Font Icons.

    Benefits of having Xtreme BootstraVue Admin

    Welcome to Xtreme Vue Admin Pro, a brilliant VueJs and Bootstrap admin template that redefines the standards of modern web administration. This template, awesomely designed and carefully crafted with VueJs, is a testament to the fusion of innovative design and robust functionality.

    Innovative Design Meets Robust Features

    Xtreme Vue offers a fresh design approach with 5 application designs, including Email, Calendar, and Chat applications, ensuring versatility and functionality. Each component is tailored to provide an intuitive user experience, making admin tasks simpler and more efficient.

    Why Choose Xtreme Vue?
    • Diverse Layouts:With options like light and dark layouts, Xtreme Vue caters to various aesthetic preferences.
    • Rich Toolkit:90+ page templates and 75+ UI components give you the flexibility to build any web application.
    • Ready-to-Use Apps:With 6 different apps, you can streamline your workflow and enhance productivity.

    Xtreme Vue Admin Pro is not just a dashboard template; it's a comprehensive solution for your VueJs projects, providing a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. It's an ideal choice for developers looking for a powerful, customizable, and easy-to-use admin panel.

    • 6 Color Schemes
    • Light / Dark Layout
    • 90+ Page Templates
    • 75+ UI Components
    • 6 Ready to use apps
    • BootstrapVue
    • Multi Language Support
    • Fully Responsive
    • SaSSBase CSS
    • Easy to Customize
    • Lots of Chart Options
    • Lazy Loader
    • No Jquery Dependency
    • Calendar Design

    Change Log

    12th April 2021

    -Updated to Bootstrap vue framework
    - Removed Deprecated framework Vuesax

    Initial Release (14th October 2019)

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