Spike Bootstrap Admin Dashboard

Spike Bootstrap Admin Dashboard

Spike Bootstrap Admin Dashboard



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Updated: November 09, 2023
Created: September 20, 2023
Well Documented
1 year support & Updates
Version: v2.0 || See Change log

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    What’s included? 

    5 most complete and highly customizable demo variations included in the Spike Bootstrap Admin

    medical, health, hospital, pharmacy dashboard
    Main Demo Version
    crm, technology, cms, saas app dashboard
    Dark Demo Version
    sales admin dashboard
    Horizontal Demo Version
    dark dashboard, dark admin template
    Minisidebar Demo Version
    rtl admin dashboard
    RTL Demo
    What’s included? 

    13+ easy to use and stunning application designs included in the package

    calendar application design
    Calendar Application
    chat application design
    Chat Application
    Email application design
    Email Application
    Contact application design
    Contact Application
    Invoice application design
    Invoice Application
    Contact List application design
    Contact List Application
    User Profile application design
    User Profile Application
    Blog application design
    Blog Application
    Blog Detail application design
    Blog Detail Application
    eCommerce Shop application design
    eCommerce Shop Application
    eCommerce Detail application design
    eCommerce Detail Application
    eCommerce List application design
    eCommerce List Application
    eCommerce Checkout application design
    eCommerce Checkout Application

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    In the world of web development, where style meets practicality, we've got something special: Spike Bootstrap Admin Dashboard. This isn't just your regular admin template; it's a game-changer for how you work online. Let’s dive into what makes Spike so cool, keeping in mind that it’s powered by Bootstrap 5 – the big name in responsive design these days.

    Choose Your Style: 5 Dashboard Layouts

    Picture this: your admin dashboard isn’t just about getting things done; it looks great doing it. Spike gives you five different dashboard styles to choose from. It’s not just about working smart; it’s about working in style.

    A Toolbox of Features: Over 100 UI Components

    Here's where Spike really stands out. You’ve got over 100 UI components to play with. It's like having a toolbox that’s got just the right tool for everything on your dashboard. Each piece isn’t just useful; it’s designed to make your life easier and your work smoother.

    Built with the Best: Bootstrap 5 Inside

    At its core, Spike is built with Bootstrap 5. What does this mean for you? Your admin dashboard is more than just a bunch of tools; it’s a smart, responsive partner in your work. Bootstrap 5 makes sure your dashboard works well on any device, anytime.

    Ready for the World: RTL and Multilingual Support

    We live in a big, diverse world, and Spike gets that. It comes with RTL (right-to-left) support and can handle multiple languages. Whether you read from right to left or left to right, Spike’s got your back.

    Tell Your Data Story: Cool Charts and Carousels

    With Spike, your data isn’t just numbers; it tells a story. The carousel and chart features turn boring stats into something interesting and easy to understand.

    Easy Does It: Simple and Customizable

    Time’s precious, and Spike knows it. That’s why it’s all about being easy to use and customize. It’s straightforward, without any complicated setup hassles.

    Show Off Your Data: Great Tables and Tools

    In Spike’s world, data is king. You get all sorts of tables and tools to not just handle your data but also make it look good.

    Always Getting Better: Regular Updates

    In the tech world, if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. Spike stays ahead of the game with regular updates, keeping it fresh and relevant.

    Step-by-Step Guide: Detailed Documentation

    Jumping into Spike is easy, thanks to the clear, detailed documentation. It’s like having a guidebook that helps you make the most of all its features.

    More Than Basics: Calendars and Emails

    Spike isn’t just an admin template. It adds in neat calendar designs and email management tools. This means more organization and efficiency for your work.

    We’re Here for You: Solid Support

    Spike is more than just a tool; it’s a support system. With a team always ready to help, your journey with Spike is smooth and enjoyable.

    Ready-Made Apps: Everything You Need

    From online stores to chat apps, Spike comes with pre-made applications that make your work easier and faster.

    Spike Bootstrap Admin Dashboard is more than just a template; it’s a whole new way to manage your online space. It’s about making every part of your digital work efficient, stylish, and effective. Welcome to the world of Spike – where handling your online tasks becomes not just easy but enjoyable.


    • RTL Dashboard version
    • 5 unique demos
    • Figma Files for most of pages
    • 2+ unique dashboards
    • 3400+ Font icons
    • Completely responsive pages
    • Charts & tables
    • Dark and light sidebar themes
    • Megamenu
    • Data Table export to PDF, Excel, CSV
    • Widgets and UI components
    • Validation forms
    • Application Designs
    • 6 color skins

    Change Log

    Version 2.0 (9-Nov-2023)

    • Updated Structure
    • Now with sidebar- topbar- in partial folder

    Version 1.0 (20-Sep-2023)

    • Initial Release

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