Severny Bootstrap Dashboard Lite

Severny Bootstrap Dashboard Lite

Severny Bootstrap Dashboard Lite

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Created: September 17, 2020
Updated: September 17, 2020
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1 Year Updates

    Free Vs Pro. Choose what you Need!

    Here is comparison on what you will get with template.

    Severny Bootstrap Dashboard Lite FeaturesFree VersionPro Version
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    Dashboard Variations

    Multipurpose Dashboard
    Analytical Dashboard
    eCommerce Dashboard
    Modern Dashboard

    Demo Variations

    MiniSidebar Version
    DarkSidebar Version
    Horizontal Version
    Dark Version
    RTL Version

    Application Designs

    Chat App
    Email App
    Calendar App
    Ticket App
    Taskboard App
    Contact App

    Other Features

    Page Templates71600+
    UI Components10500+
    Integrated Plugins10100+
    Dashboard PSD Files
    Front-end Landing Page
    1 Year Premium Support
    6 Months Free Updates
    Unlimited Colors
    Ready to Use WidgetsFewMany
    Forms Included225
    Table Example315
    Font Icon100+2000+
    Sass Base CSS
    Chart Options1 or 2Many
    Bootstrap Version4.

    What’s included in Severny Bootstrap Dashboard Lite?

    With all the basic features and fully responsive pages, Severny Dashboard Lite does wonders for our projects. Having a clean and modern look for your backend project this particular free bootstrap 4 admin template for web applications gives you easy customization options.

    Furthermore, this template offers icons, multiple page templates, beautiful UI components that can easily be used with your subsequent projects even if you have a limited budget. The base of this admin template bootstrap 4 dashboard is the Bootstrap framework along with Sass base CSS. To get all the advanced features of this template you can check out the premium version of this template.

    What do I get bundled with the free Severny Bootstrap Dashboard version?

    Severny Bootstrap Dashboard Lite is a great Bootstrap 4 admin template and comes packed with some amazing features:

    • 7 Page templates
    • 10 UI Components
    • Integrated Plugins
    • 6 Months free updates
    • Ready-to-use widgets
    • 2 Forms included
    • 3 Table examples included
    • 100+ Font icons
    • Sass base CSS
    • 1 to 2 Chart options
    • 4.1.3 Bootstrap version

    Why should I upgrade to the pro version?

    You can get more out of the Severny Bootstrap Dashboard Lite if you opt for the pro version. The added features of the pro-version are:

    • 4 Dashboard variations
    • 5 Demo variations
    • 6 Application Designs
    • Page Templates - 500+ options to choose from.
    • UI Elements - 500+ components to choose from.
    • Plugins - 100+ plugins to choose from.
    • Widgets - A host of widgets to choose from.
    • Table - Over 15 table examples.
    • Forms
    • Font Icons - 2000+ font icons to choose from.
    • Chart - Many chart options available.
    • Front-end Landing Page.
    • 1 Year Premium Support.
    • Documentation
    • Dashboard PSD files
    • Unlimited Colours

    The WrapPixel Advantage: Unlimited updates and dedicated support

    • Once you purchase a WrapPixel’s template you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be entitled to a free download of all our future updates for 1 Year.
    • Our dedicated support team is at your service for any queries or clarifications. Simply send us your query at WrapPixel Support for quick resolution of your concerns.

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