Monster Angular 17 Lite

Monster Angular 17 Lite

Monster Angular 17 Lite

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Created: January 01, 2018
Updated: May 17, 2024
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The Ultimate Angular Solution: Monster Dashboard Unveiled

Welcome to the world of Monster Angular Lite, the perfect starting point for those new to Angular or looking for a robust yet cost-effective dashboard solution. This template, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offers a sleek design and an array of essential features for building effective admin panels.

Why Start with Monster Angular Lite?

  • Essential Tools at No Cost:Perfect for personal projects, Monster Lite provides the fundamental tools you need to get started with Angular, including a basic dashboard, 7+ page templates, and 10+ UI components.
  • Simple, Intuitive Design:Its clean, user-friendly design makes navigating through your admin panel a breeze. The template is also fully responsive, ensuring optimal viewing on all devices.

The Leap to Monster Angular Pro

  • Expand Your Horizon:The Pro version brings you over 200+ page templates, 25+ UI components, and a range of integrated plugins, elevating your Angular experience to a professional level.
  • Unleash Full Potential:With more advanced features, customization options, and an array of application designs, Monster Pro allows for a more comprehensive and detailed approach to dashboard management.
  • Ongoing Support and Regular Updates:Upgrading to the Pro version means gaining access to continuous support and updates, keeping your projects aligned with the latest Angular advancements.

Monster Angular Lite is your gateway to mastering Angular. It's an invitation to explore, learn, and eventually upgrade to Monster Pro for a truly unparalleled dashboard experience.

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Change Log

Version 5.0 (17th May 2024)

  • Updated to Angular 17

Version 4.3 (16th Jun 2023)

  • Updated to Angular 16

Version 4.2 (23rd Jun 2022)

  • Updated to Angular 14

Version 4.1 (8th Dec 2021)

  • Updated to Angular 13
  • Removed Extra Style
  • Updated to ng Bootstrap5

Version 2 (8th June 2021)

  • Updated to Angular 12
Nov 26 , 2020
  • Updated to Angular 11 Version
V 1.2 (July 15 2020)
  • Updated to Angular 10 Version

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