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Updated: September 05, 2019
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Awesomely Designed & Carefully Crafted Various Live Demos

Awesomely Designed & Carefully Crafted Various Live Demos and verify yourself. You will surely fall in love over the fresh design & brilliant code.

Why Choose Material Pro Admin?

6 Color Schemes

We have included 6 pre-defined color schemes with Material Pro Admin.

Dark & Light Sidebar

Included Dark and Light Sidebar for getting desire look and feel.

700+ Page Templates

Yes, we have 6 demos & 120+ Pages per demo to make it easier.

500+ UI Components

Almost 500+ UI Components being given with Material Pro Admin Pack.

Lots of Widgets

Wide range of Widgets are available with Material Pro Admin Package.

Bootstrap 4x

Its been made with Bootstrap 4 and full responsive layout.

3000+ Font Icons

Lots of Icon Fonts are included here in the package of Material Pro Admin.

Fully Responsive

All the layout of Material Pro Admin is Fully Responsive and widely tested.

SassBase CSS

Our Css is written Sass Base to make your life easier.

Easy to Customize

Customization will be easy as we understand your pain.

Lots of Chart Options

You name it and we have it, Yes lots of variations for Charts.

Multiple File Uploads

You can upload multiple files with our Multiple selector.

Lots of Table Examples

Data Tables are initial requirement and we added them.

Validation Forms

Different Forms with Validation are included in pack.

Regular Updates

We are constantly updating our pack with new features.

3 Level Dropdown Menu

We have added 3 Level Dropdown Menu in Material Pro Pack.

Detailed Documentation

We have made detailed documentation, so it will easy to use.

Calendar Design

Calendar is available with our package & in nice design.

Gallery Options

Covered options to showcase different variation for gallery.

Dedicated Support

We believe in supreme support is key and we offer that.

Ready to Use Pages & Components

Why choose MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin for your next project?

WrapPixel's MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin is a premiumbootstrap material design template comes packed with new, fresh, and attractive designs and ready-to-use components. Based on the popular Bootstrap 4 framework and inspired by Google's material design, the materialPro Bootstrap Admin template is bundled with multiple third-party plugins that make it an excellent standalone solution.

What is MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin Template?

MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin, a material based web template for admin dashboards, is a highly responsive HTML web template from WrapPixel that utilizes all essential Bootstrap components to create consistent designs for the users.

WrapPixel's MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin template is based on modular designs, which eventually allows for its easy customization. This open-source Bootstrap 4 material design template embraces all essential UI components and plugins that can be used for building reliable designs and user-friendly UI for backend applications.

Essential Features of MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin Template:

  • RTL Dashboard version
  • 6 unique demos
  • 6+ unique dashboards
  • 6 color skins
  • MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin demo version
  • Dark and light sidebar themes
  • Megamenu
  • Data Table export to PDF, Excel, and CSV
  • Range Slider
  • Summernote
  • Light & dark color schemes
  • Widgets and UI components
  • Bootstrap 4 Stable
  • RTL Support
  • 3000+ customized icons
  • Completely responsive pages
  • Charts & tables
  • Validation forms

What is included in our MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin Template?

MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin, a highly responsive HTML web template from WrapPixel, includes:

  • Unique dashboard variations - Main dashboard, classy dashboard, minimal dashboard, and analytical dashboard
  • Applications - Mailbox, Inbox Detail, Contact/employee details, chat applications
  • UI Elements - Grid system, Modals, Tabs, Carousel, Timeline, Buttons, Wells & Panels, Nestable, Horizontal Timeline, Range Sliders, Accordions, notifications, Typography, Bootstrap UI, and Tooltips.
  • Forms - Basic forms, form layout, form mask, form material, form with float input, form validation, form wizards, file upload, file dropzone, image cropping, Summernote, form pickers, typehead, form add-ons, Lightbox pop-up.
  • Charts - Morris Chart, Knob charts, Flot charts, Piety charts, Chart-JS, Sparkline charts.
  • Tables - Basic tables, data tables, JSGrid tables, responsive tables, bootstrap tables, editable tables
  • Widgets - Calendar, documentation, support, vector map, google map, multi-level dropdown, log-out, gallery, FAQs.
  • Icons - Weather icons, Themify icons, and Simple line icons
  • Other UI Elements - Utility classes, Treeview, Animations, gallery, Login page, custom scroll, Pricing, DAQ, Lock Screen, Recover Password, Error 400, Error 403, Error 404, Error 500, Error 503. 

Why should you ChooseWrapPixel's MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin Template?

MaterialPro Bootstrap 4 Admin web template, one of the most preferred material based HTML web template, has a lot to offer to its users.

  • Light & Dark Sidebar - MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin template includes light and dark sidebar for desired looks. 
  • 6 Color Schemes - We, at WrapPixel, have included 6 pre-defined color schemes with this material template Bootstrap. 
  • 500+ UI Components - MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin pack contains almost 500+ UI components. 
  • 3000+ Font Icons - WrapPixel's MaterialPro Admin package includes lots of awesome font icons. 
  • Completely Responsive - All layouts of WrapPixel's MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin template are widely tested and fully responsive. 
  • Multiple Charts Options - WrapPixel's MaterialPro Admin is integrated with numerous variations for charts and tables.
  • Multiple File Uploading - MaterialPro Admin pack comes with multiple selector features that enable multiple file uploading. 

Benefits of Material Pro Admin template:

Consistent Design Interface:

Material Pro Admin is well received amongst users for admin dashboards and control admin panels. Based on the CSS framework Bootstrap 4 Stable and Google Material Design, this is a fully responsive HTML template. It utilizes all the components in its design, which makes it very compact, and re-styles many commonly used plugins to create a persistent design that serves as user interface for backend applications.

Easy Customization Options:

Available in 6+ dashboards and 5 Unique Demos, Material Design allows it to be easily customized and built upon. It also comes with Right to Left (RTL) Version. Various improved features like 6 Pre-Defined Colour Skins (You can create your own colour skin in no-time as well) and Light and Dark Colour Schemes upgrade the presentation aspect of your project. It also includes a large set of pages and font options to provide numerous choices for your projects. The user-friendliness is further extended due to its 500+ UI components and Ready to use Widgets.

Standalone Solution:

Material Pro Admin offers a variety of applications ranging from Chat Application to Contact/Employee Listing and Details. The icons are also provided in such a way that they offer a good choice to the users depending on their selection. It includes Font Awesome, Themify Icons, Simple Line Icons, etc. Moreover, it is regularly updated to prevent bugs and to stay ahead with technologies and software. It's a perfect choice for those who are looking for varied choices along with flexibility and Material Design.

The WrapPixel Advantage: Unlimited updates and dedicated support

  • Once you purchase a WrapPixel template, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be entitled to free downloads of all our future updates for life.
  • Our dedicated support team is at your service for any queries or clarifications. Simply send us your query at


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  • Love the work and support

    Love this theme and the support. Please, continue to add great new and exciting stuff to this them. Thanks.

  • Perfect

    Great template with lots of examples

  • excelente

    excelente template is good

  • Good

    Very good and clean theme



  • responsive


  • you dont need anything else to add to these templates, all enough

  • Nice Template

    Very impressive and complete admin theme with a modern feel.
    MaterialPro Admin is very recommendable, plus the support team is very accommodating~~
    I am so pleasant!!

  • Perfect template

    Very very good template, like!

  • wrappixel number 1

    MaterialPro Admin is very recommendable, plus the support team is very accommodating.

  • Beauty, Simplicity and Speed

    All in one!!!
    What are all the blessings, that has.

  • Excellent

    Very impressive and complete admin theme with a modern feel. Seems to have everything I need. Had a problem with a form and the developer fixed it quickly, so the support is good. Highly recommended.

  • 5*

    Clean, simple and easy to use.

  • Es la mejor plantilla para trabajar mis proyectos, una perfecta combinación con laravel

  • Very good template. Perfect support!

    I’m happy!

  • Nice template

    Tons of great features with a superb design.

  • Best Template

    A lot of features and great structure!

  • Nice Admin Template

    Hope in the next update, can show code in all component documentation

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    1. Hi,
      I suggest you to add the keyword “!default” for all variables placed into the variables.scss file in order to overrides the value in a custom variable file.
      This is usefull when I upgrade the template 🙂

    2. Looks nice but i’m reluctant to buy this template as some color themes don’t even match which gives me concern for other basic details and functionality. For instance blue and grey headers have turquoise menu items. Also grey header with dark sidebar actually has white header.

    3. Awesome Job, just bought your package and was trying to find a Project Oriented Page.
      What I’m doing:
      – Creating a Project Management Portal
      – Creating a Table to list Project Details
      Currently you have:
      – Lots of Tables to display my details
      What I cannot find in your package:
      – Expand on an Project to provide commenting and support to it.

      Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

      1. Whenever we release any update, you will get notification mail, and you can download it through “My account” link from the top navigation of site after login.

    4. Hi I’m current client to this awesome admin template. Is there any way you can add the Taskboard app to it to make my life even better with my clients?


    5. what you offer in multiple use licence , i mean all the templates of MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin, i need horizontal template actually.

      1. With all license you will get all the demos and full package, but with mutliple use license you can make unlimited application from our template, with single use you can only make 1 app for your client or for your personal use. hope you get idea about license.


    6. The demo linked on this site does not match the version that is downloaded. There are a few things I need from the online demo that do not exist in the downloaded version. Can you please update the download to a version matching the online demo? An example of the discrepancy is in the horizontal menu demo, multi-level menu items do not exist in the download.


      1. Hi Argus,

        I am sure you are checking different template, we have three material pro admin template, one in Bootstrap , second in Angular and third in React, so i think you purchase something and looking into bootstrap version for the features. so kindly check which template you downloaded and check that version live demo.


    7. Does anyone know how to use modal?
      I need to use JS to trigger the modal on and off,
      i need to disable outside click and keyboard ESC key to close modal
      also i need to adjust modal open from bottom page

    8. Hi, I bought the angular version of this template at Envato a few months back and it works pretty well. However, this version seems to have more variation than the angular one, can you tell me if this template is angular ready also? Thanks

    9. I have a detail with the login when it is shown on mobile devices the background of the image is cut, they could fix it. Thanks Excelete Template

    10. Hi, I’m very interested in this template and I have one question here, I have one single project/web that will charge users ( per user charge / per service ) what kind of license do I need to get?

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    Q1. What is Bootstrap?
    Bootstrap is responsive responsive framework. Bootstrap is an open source toolkit for developing your project with HTMl, CSS and JavaScript.
    Q2. Will this product work with my backend Framework / Technology?
    This is purely static html, css template based on responsive bootstrap framework. It works with mostly all back-end frameworks as base need for any backend technology will be HTML / CSS files. This can be integrated well with languages like PHP, Ruby, Java,, Laravel, Rails, Spring etc)
    Q3. What is Free Lifetime Updates?
    So with all our templates you are going to get free lifetime updates, which means whenever we update any of our templates, you will get notified and you can login to and able to download the update from my account.
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    Q7. How to use our products?
    We have provided documentation with each paid product for you to be able to start as easy as possible. It will guide you how you can use our template and incase you need any help you can contact support team.
    Q8. Are you open for Customisation?
    Yes, we do offer customisation service if you want us to do any changes in the current template. You can email us at [email protected] with your customisation request.

    Version 4.5 (5th September, 2019)

    • Created Detailed Documentation

    Version 4.4 (1st May, 2019)

    • nouislider updated to 13.1.4 Version
    • raty-js updated to 2.9.0 Version
    • bootstrap-colorpicker updated to 3.1.1 Version
    • bootstrap-table - Added SOME EXTRA TABLES
    • ckeditor updated to 4.11.3 Version
    • inputmask - Added 2 new features
    • masonry-layout updated to 4.2.2 Version
    • perfect-scrollbar updated to 1.4.0 Version
    • pickadate updated to 3.6.3 Version
    • raphael updated to 2.2.8 Version
    • summernote 0.8.11 Version
    • tablesaw updated to 3.1.2 Version

    Version 4.3 (8th January, 2019)

    • Updated to Bootstrap v4.2.1
    • Added form-bootstrap-validation Page
    • Added ui-spinner Page
    • Added ui-scrollspy Page
    • Added ui-toasts Page
    • Updated ui-bootstrap - Range
    • Updated ui-modal - Extra Large modal Click on image, Scrolling long content, Vertically Center, Tooltips & Popovers, Modal with Grid,
    • Updated ui-buttons - Different Menu Content, Button Toolbar with Input Group, Toggle States [Button Plugin], Checkbox buttons with Click[Checked] event, Radio buttons with Click[Checked] event
    • Updated ui-list-media - JavaScript behavior
    • Updated ui-carousel - With Individual Interval
    • Updated ui-grid - Gutters, Order classes, Offsetting columns, Nesting
    • Updated form-basic - Custom File Uploads with different languages,

    Version 4.2 (13th July, 2018)

    • [updated] bootstrap-select.min.js – to v1.13.1
    • [updated] fontawesome-all.min.css – to the leatest version
    • [updated] cropper.min.js – to v4.0.0
    • [updated] typeahead.jquery.min.js – to v0.11.1
    • [updated] bootstrap-editable.min.js – to v1.5.1
    • [updated] summernote-bs4.min.js – to v0.8.10
    • [updated] tinymce.min.js – to v4.7.11
    • [updated] datatables.min.js – to v1.10.18
    • [updated] footable.min.js – to v3.1.5
    • [updated] jquery.inputmask.bundle.js – to v3.3.11
    • [updated] bootstrap-tagsinput.min.js – to v0.6.1
    • [updated] bootstrap-datepicker.min.js – to v1.8.0
    • [updated] jquery.bootstrap-touchspin.min.js – to v4.2.5
    • [updated] jquery.multi-select.js – to v0.9.12
    • [updated] daterangepicker.js – to v3.0.3
    • [updated] moment.js – to v2.22.2
    • [updated] bootstrap-timepicker.min.js – to v0.5.2
    • [updated] jquery-clockpicker.min.js – to v0.0.7
    • [updated] jquery-asColorPicker.min.js – to v0.4.4
    • [updated] jquery-asGradient.min.js – to 0.3.2
    • [updated] dropify.min.js – to v0.2.1
    • [updated] ion.rangeSlider.min.js – to v2.1.6
    • [updated] jsgrid.min.js – to v1.5.3
    • [updated] tablesaw.jquery.js – to v3.0.9
    • [updated] jquery.dataTables.js – to v1.10.13
    • [updated] bootstrap-treeview.min.js – to v1.2.0
    • [updated] jquery.magnific-popup.min.js – to v1.1.0
    • [updated] morris.min.js – to v0.5.0
    • [updated] chartist.min.js – to v0.11.0
    • [updated] jquery.sparkline.min.js – to v2.1.2
    • [updated] jquery.peity.min.js – to v3.3.0
    • [updated] select2.full.min.js – to v4.0.6 rc-1
    • [updated] sweetalert.min.js – to v7.25.0
    • [updated] jquery.flot.js – to v0.8.3
    • [updated] Chart.min.js – to v2.7.2

    Version 4.1 (10th February, 2018)

    • Updated to Bootstrap 4 Stable Version
    • Fixed Tooltip Issue
    • Fixed Calendar Issue

    Version 3.1.1 (18th November, 2017)

    • Minor Bug Fixes in Angular 5 Starter Kit

    Version 3.1 (17th November, 2017)

    • Updated Angular 4 cli to Version 5
    • Updated Documentation with more third-party plugin’s docs Links
    • In table-bootstrap.html page, Sortable Table Dropdown’s display issue – Resolved
    • In sidebar, white background on active anchor tag is corrected.

    Version 2.2.1 (15th Spet, 2017)

    • Added Form warning, error and success classes
    • In custom js Card block replaced to card-body
    • Table contextual classes added
    • Calendar CSS Fixed
    • Align more tag in inbox page

    Version 2.2 (19th Aug, 2017)

    • Bug resolved in email page button down
    • Bug resolved of Landing Page main banner image overlapping in Safari
    • Bug resolved of Landing Page dropdown menu not clickable
    • Bug resolved of Left sidebar menu (icon and text) alignment

    Version 2.1 (15th Aug, 2017)

    • Updated to Bootsrap 4 Beta

    Version 1.4 (24th July, 2017)

    • Updated Angular Version
    • Some Minor Bug Fixing

    Version 1.3 (12th July, 2017)

    • Added PSD Files for Dashboards

    Version 1.2 (16th June, 2017)

    • Added Horizontal Demo Dark Version
    • Resolved Spacing issue in Horizontal Version
    • Resolved Sub-Menu issue in Horizontal Version

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