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Created: October 07, 2017
Updated: March 01, 2021
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    MaterialPro: Weaving Elegance into Every Pixel

    Step into the world of MaterialPro Lite, the free version of the acclaimed MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin Template. This lite version serves as the perfect introduction for those embarking on their journey in web administration or for smaller projects that demand a blend of simplicity and sophistication. It offers a glimpse into the realm of MaterialPro's capabilities, showcasing essential features in a package that's both lightweight and robust. Ideal for beginners or those working on budget-conscious projects, MaterialPro Lite provides a taste of the full version's power, setting the stage for an eventual upgrade as your needs and skills grow. It's more than just a free admin template; it's a stepping stone to mastering the art of efficient and aesthetically pleasing dashboard design. With MaterialPro Lite, you begin your adventure in creating responsive, user-friendly web interfaces that pave the way for more complex and feature-rich applications with the full version of MaterialPro.

    Key Highlights of MaterialPro Lite:

    • Essential Toolset:MaterialPro Lite equips you with key tools for basic project needs, featuring a selection of page templates, UI components, and integrated plugins.
    • Adaptability and Responsiveness:The template ensures your dashboard is versatile and user-friendly, adapting smoothly across various devices and screen sizes.

    Elevating to MaterialPro Full Version: A Leap in Functionality

    • Expansive Feature Set:Upgrading to the full version of MaterialPro unlocks a plethora of advanced features, including an extensive array of UI components, integrated plugins, and diverse dashboard layouts.
    • Enhanced Customization and Creativity:The full version provides a wide range of page templates and customization options, allowing for greater creative freedom in dashboard design.
    • Advanced Data Management and Visualization:With more sophisticated data representation tools, the full version makes managing and displaying data more intuitive and impactful.

    Why Choose MaterialPro Full Version?

    • Robust Support and Regular Updates:Gain access to dedicated support and frequent updates, ensuring your admin template stays current and any issues are swiftly resolved.
    • Comprehensive Toolkit for Web Professionals:The full version offers a complete suite of tools and features, catering to the diverse needs of web developers and designers.

    MaterialPro Lite offers a solid foundation, but the full version is where true web admin potential is unlocked. It's not just an upgrade; it's an evolution. Whether scaling up projects or seeking to maximize web admin efficiency, MaterialPro Full Version is the key to a world of enhanced productivity, style, and innovation.

    Real Customers Reviews

    See what our customers have to say about their experience with our products.

    Leonardo Jimenez


    A lot of elements, a perfect design and good colors. Easy to edit and to adapt

    James Kambere


    The design is awesome. I like the fonts. I give u 5 stars.

    Ceepron Class


    The material admin template was very nice, although very basic like what should be expected from,a lite version however, I it doesn't very fast probably due to style and script loading this shouldn't be, though it loaded a little faster than the admin pro. But the overall experience was nice and very intuitive a very small project could be handled with it. I also appreciate the grip and it handling it was really lovely, the coding style was great and well comment and not difficult to work around.

    Bruno Mochumbe


    I love the material design of the template. Very sleek looking and modern. I have used it to create a quick web app for inventory management for a small store. The client has really praised the design and loves the UI experience.

    Gerardo Osuna


    One of the most beautiful and complete admin dashboards ever!!!

    Alexson Scheppa Peisino


    The template is amazing, it helps me a lot to make reports for the other sectors. The board found the charts to be beautiful and useful.


    Super-structured code, easy to setup! Good job guys!



    very nice template.

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    March 01, 2021

    updated to bootstrap 5

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