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Created: October 07, 2017
Updated: March 01, 2021
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    Free Vs Pro. Choose what you Need!

    Here is comparison on what you will get with template.

    MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite FeaturesFree VersionPro Version
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    Dashboard Variations

    Dashboard 1
    Dashboard 2
    Dashboard 3
    Dashboard 4
    Dashboard 5
    Dashboard 6

    Demo Variations

    Dark Version
    Horizontal Version
    Material Version
    Material-rtl Version
    Minisidebar Version

    Application Designs

    Chat App
    Email App
    Calendar App
    Ticket App
    Taskboard App
    Contact App

    Other Features

    Page Templates7700+
    UI Components10500+
    Integrated Plugins10100+
    Dashboard PSD Files
    Front-end Landing Page
    1 Year Premium Support
    6 Months Free Updates
    Unlimited Colors
    Ready to Use WidgetsFewMany
    Forms Included125
    Table Example315
    Font Icon100+3000+
    Sass Base CSS
    Chart Options1 or 2Many
    Bootstrap Version55

    What's included in MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite?

    Are you looking to leverage responsive UI elements and dynamic templates to build your web applications and websites?

    WrapPixel's MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite is one of the best Bootstrap templates for admin dashboards and control admin panels. This powerful and competent Bootstrap 5 admin template is based on HTML and is built with the CSS framework. Inspired by Google Material design principles and integrated with the essential Bootstrap components and UI elements, the all-new and comprehensive MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite from WrapPixel has a lot to offer to you.

    Material Pro Bootstrap Lite is completely free for personal and commercial use, this free Bootstrap template

    Will help level up your projects with consumer-grade user experience. You don't need to hire expensive designers and developers to create a world-class experience for your customers. Simply use our free Bootstrap dashboard to create an elevated customer experience without putting a dent in your budget.

    Why should you choose MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite?

    If you're looking to download Bootstrap templates free, then you can check out MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite from WrapPixel. It's an efficient and immensely responsive Bootstrap material design admin template free that uses myriad of essential Bootstrap components in its preset design patterns to construct a reliable and consistent design for web apps user interface.

    Material Pro Bootstrap is simplicity personified, the elegant user interface makes developing apps and websites a breeze. There are a host of options to tweak the layout as per your choice and create a fluid user interface that's exceptionally easy to use. Since it is designed as per Material principles, you can be assured that the template is lightning fast to load, cross-browser compatible and renders well on screens of all sizes. 

    What do I get bundled with the free version?

    MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite is one of thebest free bootstrap website templates and comes with a host of easy to use features and plugins that make it perfect for even novice developers.

    • 7 Page templates
    • 10 UI Components
    • 10 Integrated Plugins
    • Lifetime free updates
    • Ready-to-use widgets
    • 1 Form
    • 3 Table examples
    • 100+ Font icons
    • Sass base CSS
    • 1 to 2 Chart options
    • 4.1.3 Bootstrap version

    Why should I upgrade to the pro version?

    You can get more out of the MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite if you opt for the pro version. The added features of the pro-version are: 

    • 6 Dashboard variations - Namely Dashboard 1,2,3,4,5, and 6
    • 5 Demo variations - Options include dark version, horizontal version, material version, material-rtl version, and minisidebar version. 
    • 6 Application Designs - Features such as chat app, email app, calendar app, ticket app, taskboard app, and contact app. 
    • Page Templates - 700+ options to choose from.
    • UI Elements - 500+ components to choose from. 
    • Plugins - 100+ plugins to choose from. 
    • Widgets - A host of widgets to choose from. 
    • Table - Over 15 table examples. 
    • Font Icons - 3000+ font icons to choose from. 
    • Chart - Several chart options available. 
    • Version - Bootstrap version 4.2.1 available
    • 6 colour skins
    • MaterialPro Admin Material Demo version
    • Bootstrap 5
    • Data table export to Excel, PDF, and CSV.
    • Main PSD files
    • Range Slider
    • Summernote
    • Light and dark sidebar themes
    • Dark and light colour schemes
    • Lightbox
    • RTL Support
    • Mega Menu

    The WrapPixel Advantage: Unlimited updates and dedicated support

    • Once you purchase a WrapPixel's template you can rest easy knowing that you'll be entitled to a free download of all our future updates for 1 Year.
    • Our dedicated support team is at your service for any queries or clarifications. Simply send us your query at for quick resolution of your concerns.

    Real Customers Reviews

    See what our customers have to say about their experience with our products.

    Leonardo Jimenez


    A lot of elements, a perfect design and good colors. Easy to edit and to adapt

    James Kambere


    The design is awesome. I like the fonts. I give u 5 stars.

    Ceepron Class


    The material admin template was very nice, although very basic like what should be expected from,a lite version however, I it doesn't very fast probably due to style and script loading this shouldn't be, though it loaded a little faster than the admin pro. But the overall experience was nice and very intuitive a very small project could be handled with it. I also appreciate the grip and it handling it was really lovely, the coding style was great and well comment and not difficult to work around.

    Bruno Mochumbe


    I love the material design of the template. Very sleek looking and modern. I have used it to create a quick web app for inventory management for a small store. The client has really praised the design and loves the UI experience.

    Gerardo Osuna


    One of the most beautiful and complete admin dashboards ever!!!

    Alexson Scheppa Peisino


    The template is amazing, it helps me a lot to make reports for the other sectors. The board found the charts to be beautiful and useful.


    Super-structured code, easy to setup! Good job guys!



    very nice template.

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    March 01, 2021

    updated to bootstrap 5

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