MaterialPro – Bootstrap 5, VueJs, React & Angular Admin Dashboard

MaterialPro – Bootstrap 5, VueJs, React & Angular Admin Dashboard

MaterialPro - Bootstrap 5, VueJs, React & Angular Admin Dashboard



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Updated: February 13, 2024
Created: March 01, 2018
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What’s included?

5 most complete and highly customizable demo variations included in the MaterialPro Bootstrap Version

medical, health, hospital, pharmacy dashboard
Main Demo Version
crm, technology, cms, saas app dashboard
Minisidebar Demo Version
dark dashboard, dark admin template
Dark Demo Version
sales admin dashboard
Horizontal Demo Version
rtl admin dashboard
RTL Demo
What’s included?

6 production ready demo variations with angular material design - MaterialPro Angular Version

school management, hospital management, leave management dashboard
Main Demo Version
Live Preview
pharma, hosting, project management dashboard
Minisidebar Demo Version
Live Preview
hrms admin dashboard
Horizontal Demo Version
Live Preview
Material Angular admin
Dark Demo Version
Live Preview
boxed admin dashboard template
Boxed Demo
Live Preview
rtl admin template
RTL Demo
Live Preview
What’s included?

5 multipurpose and carefully crafted demo variations included in the MaterialPro React Version

materialpro react redux admin template with hooks
Main Demo Version
mini sidebar react admin template with hooks
Minisidebar Demo Version
horizontal navigation materialpro react redux admin template with hooks
Horizontal Demo Version
dark color materialpro react redux admin dashboard template with hooks
Dark Demo Version
material pro react redux rtl admin dashboard template with hooks
RTL Demo Version
What’s included?

5 most complete and highly customizable demo variations included in the MaterialPro Vuetify / Vue 3 Version

vuejs admin template
Main Demo Version
sales admin dashboard
Dark Demo Version
mini sidebar vuetify js admin template
Horizontal Demo Version
mini sidebar vuetify js admin template
Minisidebar Demo Version
Included With The package
mini sidebar vuetify js admin template
RTL Demo Version
Included With The package

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WrapPixel’s MaterialPro is #1 best selling admin dashboard around the globe. It is built on top of Bootstrap 5 HTML, Angular, React and VueJs. The design based on google's material design concept which makes it the top most choice among the other available tempaltes in the market. MaterialPro is the best choice for you as its been used already by 350,000K+ designers and developers. MaterialPro comes with production ready and well crafted code. Its unique and modern designs makes it on top of the table. It is versatile, user-friendly and has a clean code structure that optimizes the development cost and time. MaterialPro is coming with different variations like Angular Material Version, React Version, Vuetfy / Vue 3 Version and Bootstrap 5 version, so it is the pefect fit for developers who are looking to create their web application's frontend in any of above framework / library.


  • Bootstrap 5 / HTML Version
  • Angular Material 14 Version
  • Vue 3 / Vuetify 3 Version
  • React Bootstrap Version
  • RTL Dashboard Version
  • 3000+ Font Icons
  • PSD, XD & Figma files for Dashboards
  • Production Ready
  • Google's Material Design
  • Dark and Light Versions
  • Charts, Tables and Forms
  • Clean Application Designs
  • Pre-built color Skins
  • Widgets and UI Components


Andrew Ace


Very impressive and complete admin theme with a modern feel. Seems to have everything I need. Had a Read more...problem with a form and the developer fixed it quickly, so the support is good. Highly recommended.

Javad Fk


All in one!!! What are all the blessings, that has.



Very impressive and complete admin theme with a modern feel. MaterialPro Admin is very recommendablRead more...e, plus the support team is very accommodating~~ I am so pleasant!!



Excellent template, for us FullStack developers help us a lot to advance quickly in our projects, all documentation and support are good. Thank you

Ravi K


I have selected this AdminPro template among multiple options because look and feel and transitions Read more...were good. Really liked its components. But landed buying wrong version (bootstrap) one, I was willing to buy AngularJs one. Since all templates looks same, I might have got confused. Next day I contacted to Support team and explained my story. they understood the scenario and replaced same with Angular version. I really appreciate there support as such incident may happen with any one.

Ajit Singh


The theme is very flexible with most of the content already available. And also the support team is Read more...very active. :)

Jikes Sam


I am using the MaterialPro angular admin, and it's feature rich, easy to use and saves a ton of timeRead more.... The Support Team is great, I raised a few issues, and they were able to address them within a day.



This design is really good. The code is good. It's easy to start with it when we are new with AngulaRead more...r. Like this theme because it's a material theme ! And google theme is good. Support is present for help, really good point when there is little things that need to be understood !

Muhammet POLAT


Very nice theme and very handy. After a long search, we decided on this theme. Customer service wasRead more... very helpful when buying. thx for everthing

Minshan Cui


Code is clean and simply to use. Nicely organized code structure.



We have had a great support from the Wrappixel team. The product is excellent and the support team iRead more...s perfect. As an ISV dealing with various customers in different countries, we understand the value of efficient support and this is what makes the difference. We highly recommend Wrappixel.



Mr. Vishal is very very supportive and calm guy, supported excellent without losing any patience..

Alexander Danilov


Thank you a lot for the template! I'm inspired by the quality of the code. Also, WrapPixel has a veRead more...ry responsive and quick support team.



MaterialPro Admin is very recommendable, plus the support team is very accommodating.

Pablo Quirós


Very complete template

Rob Schoenaker


Great template with lots of examples



you dont need anything else to add to these templates, all enough

Michael Yara


Es la mejor plantilla para trabajar mis proyectos, una perfecta combinación con laravel

Change Log

Version 7.0(13 Feb 2024)

  • Updated File Structure
  • Separated sidebar header in partial folder
  • Updated Gulp File / and packages

Version 5 (15th Feb 2021)

  • Updated Bootstrap version 5
  • added accordian page
  • added badge page
  • added widget feed page
  • added apexchart page
  • change charts with apexchart in all dashboards
  • updated notification page
  • updated button page
  • updated dropdown page
  • updated modal page
  • updated tab page
  • updated pagination page
  • updated typography page
  • updated breadcrumb page
  • updated list page
  • updated grid page
  • updated carousel page
  • updated scrollspy page
  • updated toast page
  • updated basic card page , added new card designs
  • updated custom card page , added new card designs
  • updated app widget, data widget and chart widget pages
  • updated all form pages
  • updated all table pages
  • change card default style
  • change inner button style
  • updated ecommerce pages
  • added authentication login 3 page
  • change icon pages style
  • remove custom margin-padding class and added default bootstrap margin-padding class
  • added dropdown animation in header
  • change checkbox and radio button style
  • change feather icons in header and customizer

Version 4.7 (19th February, 2020)

  • Added Chat application
  • Added Contact application
  • Added Invoice application
  • Added Notes application
  • Added Todo application
  • Updated to Bootstrap 4.4.1
  • Changed whole folder structure
  • Modified full template code as per latest bootstrap version.

Version 4.6 (21st November, 2019)

  • Remove custom margin-padding class replace it with the bootstrap default classes
  • Remove extra button classes and label classes
  • Added more examples in modal page html
  • In RTL demo, fix the input groups radius issue.

Version 4.5 (5th September, 2019)

  • Created Detailed Documentation

Version 4.4 (1st May, 2019)

  • nouislider updated to 13.1.4 Version
  • raty-js updated to 2.9.0 Version
  • bootstrap-colorpicker updated to 3.1.1 Version
  • bootstrap-table - Added SOME EXTRA TABLES
  • ckeditor updated to 4.11.3 Version
  • inputmask - Added 2 new features
  • masonry-layout updated to 4.2.2 Version
  • perfect-scrollbar updated to 1.4.0 Version
  • pickadate updated to 3.6.3 Version
  • raphael updated to 2.2.8 Version
  • summernote 0.8.11 Version
  • tablesaw updated to 3.1.2 Version

Version 4.3 (8th January, 2019)

  • Updated to Bootstrap v4.2.1
  • Added form-bootstrap-validation Page
  • Added ui-spinner Page
  • Added ui-scrollspy Page
  • Added ui-toasts Page
  • Updated ui-bootstrap - Range
  • Updated ui-modal - Extra Large modal Click on image, Scrolling long content, Vertically Center, Tooltips & Popovers, Modal with Grid,
  • Updated ui-buttons - Different Menu Content, Button Toolbar with Input Group, Toggle States [Button Plugin], Checkbox buttons with Click[Checked] event, Radio buttons with Click[Checked] event
  • Updated ui-list-media - JavaScript behavior
  • Updated ui-carousel - With Individual Interval
  • Updated ui-grid - Gutters, Order classes, Offsetting columns, Nesting
  • Updated form-basic - Custom File Uploads with different languages,

Version 4.2 (13th July, 2018)

  • [updated] bootstrap-select.min.js – to v1.13.1
  • [updated] fontawesome-all.min.css – to the leatest version
  • [updated] cropper.min.js – to v4.0.0
  • [updated] typeahead.jquery.min.js – to v0.11.1
  • [updated] bootstrap-editable.min.js – to v1.5.1
  • [updated] summernote-bs4.min.js – to v0.8.10
  • [updated] tinymce.min.js – to v4.7.11
  • [updated] datatables.min.js – to v1.10.18
  • [updated] footable.min.js – to v3.1.5
  • [updated] jquery.inputmask.bundle.js – to v3.3.11
  • [updated] bootstrap-tagsinput.min.js – to v0.6.1
  • [updated] bootstrap-datepicker.min.js – to v1.8.0
  • [updated] jquery.bootstrap-touchspin.min.js – to v4.2.5
  • [updated] jquery.multi-select.js – to v0.9.12
  • [updated] daterangepicker.js – to v3.0.3
  • [updated] moment.js – to v2.22.2
  • [updated] bootstrap-timepicker.min.js – to v0.5.2
  • [updated] jquery-clockpicker.min.js – to v0.0.7
  • [updated] jquery-asColorPicker.min.js – to v0.4.4
  • [updated] jquery-asGradient.min.js – to 0.3.2
  • [updated] dropify.min.js – to v0.2.1
  • [updated] ion.rangeSlider.min.js – to v2.1.6
  • [updated] jsgrid.min.js – to v1.5.3
  • [updated] tablesaw.jquery.js – to v3.0.9
  • [updated] jquery.dataTables.js – to v1.10.13
  • [updated] bootstrap-treeview.min.js – to v1.2.0
  • [updated] jquery.magnific-popup.min.js – to v1.1.0
  • [updated] morris.min.js – to v0.5.0
  • [updated] chartist.min.js – to v0.11.0
  • [updated] jquery.sparkline.min.js – to v2.1.2
  • [updated] jquery.peity.min.js – to v3.3.0
  • [updated] select2.full.min.js – to v4.0.6 rc-1
  • [updated] sweetalert.min.js – to v7.25.0
  • [updated] jquery.flot.js – to v0.8.3
  • [updated] Chart.min.js – to v2.7.2

Version 4.1 (10th February, 2018)

  • Updated to Bootstrap 4 Stable Version
  • Fixed Tooltip Issue
  • Fixed Calendar Issue

Version 3.1.1 (18th November, 2017)

  • Minor Bug Fixes in Angular 5 Starter Kit

Version 3.1 (17th November, 2017)

  • Updated Angular 4 cli to Version 5
  • Updated Documentation with more third-party plugin’s docs Links
  • In table-bootstrap.html page, Sortable Table Dropdown’s display issue – Resolved
  • In sidebar, white background on active anchor tag is corrected.

Version 2.2.1 (15th Spet, 2017)

  • Added Form warning, error and success classes
  • In custom js Card block replaced to card-body
  • Table contextual classes added
  • Calendar CSS Fixed
  • Align more tag in inbox page

Version 2.2 (19th Aug, 2017)

  • Bug resolved in email page button down
  • Bug resolved of Landing Page main banner image overlapping in Safari
  • Bug resolved of Landing Page dropdown menu not clickable
  • Bug resolved of Left sidebar menu (icon and text) alignment

Version 2.1 (15th Aug, 2017)

  • Updated to Bootsrap 4 Beta

Version 1.4 (24th July, 2017)

  • Updated Angular Version
  • Some Minor Bug Fixing

Version 1.3 (12th July, 2017)

  • Added PSD Files for Dashboards

Version 1.2 (16th June, 2017)

  • Added Horizontal Demo Dark Version
  • Resolved Spacing issue in Horizontal Version
  • Resolved Sub-Menu issue in Horizontal Version

Version 5.2 (14th June 2022)

  • Updated to Angular 14

Version 5.1 (6th Dec 2021)

  • Updated to Angular 13
  • Removed Extra Styles

Version 5 (1st June 2021)

  • Updated to Angular 12
  • Removed Google map as it is deprecated

Version 4.1 (24th Nov 2020)

  • Updated to Angular 11
  • Added i18 language
  • Added Invoice app
  • Calendar has now edit, update, delete event
  • Updated other packages in package.json
  • change horizontal version now on single click from setting
  • Fixed some minor bug

Version 4 (23st July 2020)

  • Upgraded to Angular 10
  • Removed Dragula and used Drag n drop of CDK
  • Added new mail app
  • Updated all packages to the latest
  • some minor bug fix

Version 3.2 (28th Feb 2020)

  • Upgraded to Angular9
  • Removed File uploaded as its depricated
  • removed smart table as its also depricated with angular 9
  • Added Employee application
  • Added new Courses application
  • Added new Notes application
  • Refine whole code of chat application
  • Refine Ticket code
  • Added Tree view component
  • added some new table.
  • IVY and AOT enabled

Version 3.1.1 (22nd October 2019)

  • Added New Application - Ticket
  • Added New Application - Contact
  • Updated Ng Bootstrap to v5.1.1

Version 2.1 (13th July 2019)

  • Updated Angular Version to 8
  • Form steps page Added
  • Notifier page added
  • Form Validation page rebuild with more features

Version 1.3 (8th January 2019)

  • Updated Angular Version to 7.4.1
  • Updated ng bootstrap components

Version 1.2 (1st Nov 2018)

  • Updated to Angular 7 Version

Version 1.1 (1st June 2018)

  • Updated to Angular 6 CLI

Version 5.1 (15th jan 2022)

  • Updated to Reduxtoolkit
  • Updated reactstrap with bootstrap5
  • Added Three new apps , Ticket, Shop, Treeview
  • Added Html Editor
  • Change customizer & all apps setting with Redux toolkit

Version 5 (10th March 2021)

  • Updated to React version 17
  • Updated all 34 packages to their latest version
  • Updated React dom

Version 4 (5th Aug 2020)

  • Change all chart with apex chart
  • Added todo apps with axios
  • Added redux thunk as a middleware
  • Added axios for api call
  • sidebar nav change icons to feather icon

Version 3.0 (13 June, 2020)

  • Updated React to the 16 version
  • Updated Reactstrap with hooks
  • Updated whole template with hooks
  • Added Notes application

Version 2.2.1 (28 Aug, 2019)

  • Remove Vulnerabilities

Version 2.2 (9th August, 2019)

  • Built in JWT authentication
  • Added apex charts

Version 2.1 (26th Apr, 2019)

  • Added Email app with redux
  • Added Contact app with redux
  • Added Chat app with redux

Version 1.2 (5th Apr, 2019)

  • Added Webpack
  • Added Babel
  • Added Redux for the theme setting, application will be update in redux soon.
  • Update some packages in package.json

Version 1.1 (8th Feb, 2019)

  • Updated React version to 16.7.0
  • Eslint error solved
  • React strap version updated
  • Audit error fix
  • Fix some minor bug

Version 1.2- 12-5-2022

  • Updated To Vue 3
  • Updated vuetify version 3 beta
  • Removed vuex store and added pinia store
  • removed RTL demo - we will add that soon

Version 1.1

  • Added Horizontal Layout
  • Updated vuetify version 2.3.13
  • Added Ecommerece app based on algolia
  • and some minor bug fixed

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