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Build websites and landing pages with the powerful and free Bootstrap UI Kits by WrapPixel. Design modern websites and useful elements with the advanced templates.

WrapKit Builder

WrapKit Builder

Build Websites and Landing Pages

U UI-Kit
WrapKit Complete UI Kit

WrapKit Complete UI Kit

Powerful Bootstrap 4 Web UI Kit

U UI-Kit
WrapKit Lite

WrapKit Lite

Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

U UI-Kit

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Our carefully curated UI Kits and design resources will help you level up your product’s aesthetic appeal and bring your creative projects to life. Leverage our ever-growing library of resources and freebies to create stunning websites and apps in minutes.

Q1. What exactly is a UI Kit?
A UI Kit or User-Interface Kit is basically a collection of PSD graphic files and other resources to assist designers with building competent user-interfaces for their applications. UI kits include all essential components to provide the required framework and functionality to the users.

WrapPixel’s UI Kits comprise all essential and resourceful user-interface components – widgets, think buttons, navigation buttons, progress bars, and checkboxes to inspire and help designers and developers with their design projects.

Our kits also include a wide variety of patterns, colours, and swatches that allow designers to use their original ideas by customizing the elements and integrating them into original designs.
Q2. How do our UI Kits help developers and designers?
In order to receive valuable feedback on your designs, it is imperative to offer a range of design options, especially in the rapid prototyping phase. In such a scenario it can be a nightmare to design everything from scratch every single time. Our UI kits with their ready to use components help create quick mockups of the envisioned features of web designs and test the vision’s viability with stakeholders, and developers.

With our web UI kits, designers and users don’t need any detailed programming language learning. They can easily drag and drop UI widgets to create specialized high-fidelity prototypes to replicate the functionality of final designs.
Q3. What’s included in our UI kits?
WrapPixel’s dashboard UI Kits contain all essential user-interface elements, from buttons, layouts, and widgets to complex feedback modules and typographical settings, to create an impressive UI. Our user-interface kits also include Photoshop files, so that users can exploit them in their favoured design environment.
Q4. Benefits of our ready to use UI Kits
Our free UI Kits can make web designing tasks a lot easier alongside saving both time and money. It not only offers a unified design vision to its users but also allows them to use their original ideas for rapid design development.

Helps to Save Time – Using our UI kits can save you tons of time. Its ready-to-use components can help you create appealing designs with perfect interface elements. WrapPixel’s Bootstrap 4 UI kits have a vast library of UI elements to simplify the designing tasks and shave ample time off the designing process.

Offers a Standardized Interface – Using our UI kits allows you to retain the original looks of UI elements on your website. It offers a positive user experience, which eventually helps in boosting traffic and SEO.

Allows You to Focus on Essentials – Our best in class UI kits allow you to focus on original ideas and other crucial aspects of your site designs, thereby saving you a lot of time, money and energy alongside enhancing your general profitability.

Helps in Changing Designs Instantly – WrapPixel’s free web UI kits can simplify complicated tasks like web redesigning and modifications. With our UI kit template, it only takes a couple of hours to make instant changes in existing designs and layouts and achieving the desired outcome.
Q5. The WrapPixel Advantage: Unlimited updates and dedicated support
With WrapPixel’s Bootstrap UI Kits, you can easily integrate your original ideas into designs, share prototypes, and gain meaningful reviews to empower your designing team to build modern websites and landing pages.

  • Once you purchase a WrapPixel’s template you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be entitled to free download of all our future updates for lifetime.
  • Our dedicated support team is at your service for any queries or clarifications. Simply send us your query at https://www.wrappixel.com/support/ for quick resolution of your concerns.