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Design websites and web applications with free Bootstrap, Angular, and React templates and themes from WrapPixel. Free to use for all kinds of website design work and projects.

Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite

Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Dashboard Admin Template

B Bootstrap
MyAdmin Bootstrap  Lite

MyAdmin Bootstrap Lite

Free Bootstrap Admin Template

B Bootstrap
Matrix Bootstrap  Admin

Matrix Bootstrap Admin

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

B Bootstrap
Maruti Bootstrap Admin

Maruti Bootstrap Admin

Classic Admin Dashboard Template

B Bootstrap

Pick from our Free Web Templates and Design Resources

WrapPixel has the largest collection of Free Web templates and design resources anywhere on the web. The best source for free Bootstrap, React and Angular themes for your next creative project. We’re building our collection and adding fresh designs on regular intervals.

Q1. How do our free Responsive Web Templates help developers?
We have a curated list of free Responsive web templates to help designers and developers get their projects off the ground. Our free responsive web templates are the easiest way to optimize your product experience for users across multiple devices.

Choose from our wide range of Angular, React, and Bootstrap admin templates and themes. They are versatile and exhaustive enough to be configured for all kinds of products. Reach millions of users across several devices by using our mobile-first templates.
Q2. What are Responsive Website Templates?
Responsive website templates basically refer to specifically coded website layouts that can instantaneously respond to the viewers on their current devices. Such web templates can easily adapt to the user’s screen size, thereby offering them with an optimal experience on their device.
Q3. What’s included in our free Responsive Web templates?
Each free responsive bootstrap, react or angular template comes with its own package, which includes source files. It also comes with Free lifetime updates. We would suggest to look in to premium templates for lots more features with proper documentation and dedicated support.
  • Optimized to meet all kinds of devices including Android, iOS, Tablets, Web and Desktop.
  • Quick site loading with no glitches.
  • Changes website layouts according to display resolution.
  • Detects multiple screen resolutions.
  • Integrated with plain text CSS code for quick and easy tweaking.
  • Extends images to fill the browser window.
  • Creates responsive websites that adapt to multiple devices.
  • Changes heights, widths, fonts, and hides elements on a small screen.
  • Creates responsive videos that can change size according to screen size.
Q4. What are the features of our ready to use Responsive Website Templates?
There are 3 essential components that are at the core of how our responsive website templates work.

Fluid Grids – WrapPixel’s bootstrap 4 templates free are integrated with grid systems that ensure the even resizing of site elements in relation to one another. Fluid grids scale the site content according to the viewer’s screen for enhanced user experience.

Media Queries – Our free website templates support CSS3 media queries, which eventually enables the website to conditionally apply CSS style alongside collecting data from individual visitors. WrapPixel’s free react templates include the min-width media feature that allows web designers to apply particular CSS style on the browser window.

Flexible Images – Resizing images is the biggest challenge in responsive website designing. Well, WrapPixel’s responsive website templates use the CSS’s max-width feature to allow images to load in their original size.
Q5. Exclusive Benefits of Our Free Responsive Web Templates
Free bootstrap website templates from WrapPixel not only benefit web designers and developers, but it can also positively influence your SEO, user experience, conversion rates alongside contributing to online growth of your business.

Enhanced User Experience – Building a responsive website using our responsive web templates can lead to better user experience for your customer leading to reduced bounce rate.

Boosted Mobile traffic – Our free dashboard templates and free site themes allow the website to adapt to the viewport width, which eventually leads to increased mobile visits.

Quicker Website Development – WrapPixel’s free responsive website templates are integrated with multiple ready-to-use components that ensure faster responsive website development.

Easy Maintenance – Building a responsive website using our free web templates means that you will save a lot of time and resources on maintenance of singular site version instead of two.

Faster Website Loading – Responsive websites tend to load faster by taking significantly less time, which directly impacts the time duration of online user’s visit.

Better Backlinks – Our responsive website templates are extremely helpful when it comes to building quality backlinks for websites.

Improved Conversion Rates – Responsive websites ensure better user experience, which eventually leads to boosted traffic and higher conversion rates.

Better SEO – Using our free website templates and free site themes ensure the utmost responsiveness of websites, which ultimately results in better SEO and enhanced search engine rank.
Q6. How do I pick the right free responsive web template?
With different free web templates on offer, each offering plenty of customization options and add-ons, it is imperative to pick an apt admin panel template for your project. Keep in mind the following tips to help you pick the right template for your project:

  • Estimate your project size and the road ahead.
  • Study the tech stack and the template’s documentation in detail.
  • Analyze your requirements and cross check them with our features list.
  • Check which version you required like, Bootstrap, Angular or React as per your project’s need.
Q7. The WrapPixel Advantage: Unlimited updates and dedicated support for Premium Templates
  • Once you download a WrapPixel’s template, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be entitled to free downloads of all our future updates for life.
  • Our dedicated support team is at your service for any queries or clarifications for Premium Version purchased. Simply send us your query at for quick resolution of your concerns.