Bootstrap Templates

Bootstrap is the world’s most popular mobile-first front-end framework. Build customised web applications & products with Free and Premium Bootstrap admin templates by WrapPixel.

Elegant Bootstrap Admin Lite

Elegant Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Admin Template

B Bootstrap
Pixel Bootstrap Admin Template

Pixel Bootstrap Admin Template

Powerful Admin Dashboard Theme

B Bootstrap
MyAdmin Bootstrap  Lite

MyAdmin Bootstrap Lite

Free Bootstrap Admin Template

B Bootstrap
Maple Bootstrap Admin Template

Maple Bootstrap Admin Template

Bootstrap Admin Template

B Bootstrap
Pixel Bootstrap Admin Lite

Pixel Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Dashboard Admin Panel

B Bootstrap
My Admin Bootstrap

My Admin Bootstrap

Responsive Dashboard Web App Kit

B Bootstrap
Maruti Bootstrap Admin

Maruti Bootstrap Admin

Classic Admin Dashboard Template

B Bootstrap
Matrix Bootstrap  Admin

Matrix Bootstrap Admin

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

B Bootstrap
WrapKit Lite

WrapKit Lite

Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

U UI-Kit

Free and Premium Bootstrap Admin Templates

Do you need a simplified user-interface admin template that’s responsive and flexible enough to build customized web applications?

WrapPixel’s Bootstrap admin templates can cut your web development and design efforts in half. These open-sourced HTML web templates are immensely helpful in developing sophisticated applications and website backends without having to code everything from scratch.

Our Bootstrap 4 templates are designed to maximize productivity and give you an eagle-eye view of your website or product's key performance metrics at a glance. This means that you don’t need to look into different tools and pages to get the data you need. Save countless hours by using our Bootstrap dashboard that compiles everything in one place.

We have a stringent design process and each of our Bootstrap 4 templates goes through multiple layers of user testing and vetting by senior UX designers. Our Bootstrap 4 themes aren’t just beautiful but they are also super easy to use. If you’re looking to create amazing backend panels but don’t know how to code, then our Bootstrap dashboards can come to your rescue.

Every one of our premium, as well as free dashboard templates, are carefully tested so that customer touch-points and interactions are simplified. We use behavioural insights to design our templates to make users feel delighted and spurred on to explore the backend rather than being put off. Our Bootstrap 4 templates meet the latest design and UX trends, so you can be sure that your back-end panels will be modern, modular and a pleasure to use. We A/B test our templates with multiple sets of users to ensure that we get user feedback that is actionable and free from bias. We then update these testing insights to curate design variants that are the easiest for customers to use.

There’s also plenty of breathing space for visual relief and a colour palette that is soothing to the eyes.

Our Bootstrap themes go through a strenuous testing process to ensure that all bugs are squashed in the final version. We also make sure to provide detailed documentation to guide users in setting up their admin panels so that they perform seamlessly.

You can use our Bootstrap templates right out of the box or you can customize them to make them truly unique. You can pick from hundreds of design variations, page layouts, thousands of fonts and hundreds of page layouts. We’ve also included carefully curated demos of different layouts that are perfect for various use cases.

Bootstrap Templates for all your Needs

Every Bootstrap templates by WrapPixel is by default designed according to the latest development best practices. This means that they are all cross-browser compatible and responsive so that they render well on all screens.

Whether you purchase our premium or free Bootstrap template you can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice. Our Bootstrap 4 templates come with dedicated implementation support, detailed documentation, and free lifetime updates.

So, are you ready to take your product back-ends to the next level? Simply pick one of our Bootstrap 4 themes to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bootstrap Template?

A Bootstrap template is a template built on the Bootstrap framework according to Bootstrap CSS stylesheets. They are a great ready to use design resource to help create a modular backend panel without coding hassles. It can help you minimize the hours of development effort as well as the development costs that you incur. Bootstrap templates have a number of design elements, icons, fonts and plugins that can help you create minimalist and aesthetically appealing dashboards in no time.

How to use Bootstrap templates?

Using Bootstrap templates for your backend projects can bring about a marked difference in your website backend’s overall appearance and presentation. With these admin templates, you can create beautiful-looking pages in no time. Simply pick and choose the elements, layout, font style, and color scheme to tweak the layout according to your product. There are also a number of ready to use plugins available to add additional functionality to your backend. Simply download the templates for free and start using them instantly.

How do our Bootstrap Admin Templates help developers?

WrapPixel's Bootstrap Admin Templates incorporate commonly used plug-ins and several ready-to-use Bootstrap 4 template components with great looking style that eventually help in moderating the complicated backend development tasks. Our Bootstrap templates help you to create user interfaces of your back-end projects like CMS, CRM, or any applications with it's ready to use stunning design and easy to use HTML / CSS coding with flexibility to easy customization.

Q1. What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is the world's most popular mobile-first front-end framework with lots of component libraries. It's an open-source toolkit for developing HTML, CSS, and JS-based websites and apps.

Q2. What’s included in out Bootstrap templates?

Bootstrap templates from WrapPixel can offer you several UI components, plugins, and other ready-to-use elements to quick start your project from scratch. The key features of premium Bootstrap admin template include:

  • Awesome dashboards
  • Widgets
  • 100+ UI components
  • Dark & light themes
  • Sass CSS
  • Material Design Admin template
  • Multiple Color Schemes
  • Admin Template Bootstrap 3x and 4x
  • Fully responsive pages
  • Attractive material design icons
  • Unique Layouts
  • Ready-to-use plugins
  • Easily customizable admin dashboard templates
  • Simple and Data tables
  • Extensive form plugins
  • Simple and advanced form elements
  • Form validations
  • Charts Dashboard UI

Q3. Why choose WrapPixel’s Bootstrap templates?

WrapPixel Bootstrap templates can help you to create outstanding admin areas/user interfaces for your back-end project. We have crafted our admin templates to help you develop self-contained pages in no time.

All our Bootstrap Admin templates are responsive, so you can easily use them on any devices and still provide the same user experience. We also include fonts, a grid system for layout management, charting libraries, form elements, lots of table examples and button styles, browser tools as well as many other features.

We have a wide array of 40+ Bootstrap themes for admin, each with their own unique dashboard template design that’s both versatile and intuitive. All our Bootstrap dashboard templates are based on the latest Bootstrap 4 release so there won't be any compatibility issues. We also make it a point to revamp and upgrade our templates and routinely test for bugs so that you have excellent user experience at all times.

Q4. How do I pick the right Bootstrap template?

With different admin dashboard templates, each offering plenty of customization options and add-ons, it is imperative to pick an apt template for your project. Keep in mind the following tips to help you pick the right template for your project:

  • Estimate your project size and the road ahead.
  • Study the tech stack and the template’s documentation in detail.
  • Analyze your requirements and crosscheck them with our features list.
  • Check which version you require Bootstrap, Angular, or React as per your project’s need.

Q5. The WrapPixel Advantage: Unlimited updates and dedicated support

  • Once you purchase a WrapPixel’s template you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be entitled to free download of all our future updates for lifetime.
  • Our dedicated support team is at your service for any queries or clarifications. Simply send us your query at for quick resolution of your concerns.