Get developer friendly and highly customizable bootstrap 5 admin templates carefully crafted by WrapPixel to build modern and trendy bootstrap admin panels for your project.

Our bootstrap 5 dashboard templates are built on the Bootstrap framework, which is known for its responsiveness and ease of customization. This means that the templates can be easily adapted to fit any screen size or device, and they can be customized easily to match any brand or style and your requirements. Also our templates come with a wide range of features, including pre-built pages, reusable components, and powerful plugins. This makes it easy to create feature-rich applications without having to start from scratch and that saves you a lot of money and time.

It’s needless to say, our templates are designed with usability in mind. They are clean, uncluttered, easy to navigate and designed by award winning UI/UX designers around the globe. Our templates are very affordable. They offer a variety of pricing options to fit any budget and that helps you to save thousands of dollars and also saves you a lot of time in designing and developing.

Along with all above features our templates come with detailed documentation, which will help you to understand the structure easily. Also we provide installation guide videos to setup and run our template smoothly. We offer excellent customer support. Our team of experts is available to help you with any questions you may have about our templates.

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Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Templates

Modernize Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Latest & Trendy Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template


4.74 / 5.00

Spike Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard

Highly Customizable Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template


4.89 / 5.00

Bootstrap 5 Angular react & Vuejs Templates

MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin

Material Bootstrap 5 Admin Panel


 /  2,143 Sales

Bootstrap 5 Angular react & Vuejs Templates

Ample Bootstrap Admin Template

Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template


 /  1163 Sales
Bootstrap 5 Angular react & Vuejs Templates

Monster Bootstrap Admin Template

Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template


 /  836 Sales
Bootstrap 5 Angular react & Vuejs Templates

AdminPro Bootstrap Theme

Bootstrap 5 Admin Template


 /  552 Sales
Bootstrap 5 Angular react & Vuejs Templates

Xtreme Bootstrap Admin

Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template


 /  483 Sales
Bootstrap 5 Angular react & Vuejs Templates

Flexy Bootstrap Admin Template

Bootstrap 5 admin Template


 /  1,097 Sales
Bootstrap 5 Angular react & Vuejs Templates

Spike Bootstrap Admin Dashboard

Discover the Hottest Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template


 /  75 Sales

Bootstrap 5 Angular react & Vuejs Templates

MaterialM Admin Dashboard Template

Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template


 /  76 Sales

Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Dashboard Admin Template



Monster Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Admin Dashboard Template



MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite

Free Material Design Admin



Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Bootstrap 5 Admin Template



AdminPro Bootstrap Lite

Free Bootstrap 5 Admin



Flexy Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Bootstrap 5 Dashboard



Spike Free Bootstrap Admin

Free & Open Source Dashboard Admin Template



MaterialM Free Bootstrap Admin

Free Admin Based on Google's Material M3 Design



Frequently Asked Questions

Bootstrap Admin Templates are like the control panels for websites and apps, made using the Bootstrap framework. They're designed especially for the backend part, where you manage things. These templates help make it easier and quicker to set up the admin part of your website or app. They're perfect for things like user management, analytics dashboards, and content management systems. Using these templates means you get a good-looking and practical backend interface, which makes building and running your site or app a lot smoother.

Here's what they offer:

  • Specialized Dashboard Designs:These templates are all about creating a great backend interface for web applications.
  • Perfect for Admin Areas:They come with everything you need for setting up the admin sections of websites or apps quickly.
  • Features for Different Needs:Whether you're managing users, looking at data, or handling content, these templates have the tools for the job.
  • Easy Development:They make building the backend faster and simpler, blending good looks with functionality.

In essence, Bootstrap Admin Templates are a handy way to create the control center for your web project, combining ease of use with a professional design.

Using Bootstrap Admin Templates from WrapPixel is like having a shortcut to creating sleek and functional admin panels. These templates are built with Bootstrap and are a great tool for developers who want to make efficient, feature-packed back-end interfaces. WrapPixel offers a bunch of ready-to-use components and layouts perfect for admin dashboards. By picking these templates, you save time and effort, and you're sure to get a professional-looking admin area.

Here's how to use them:

  1. Choose a Template:Look through WrapPixel's collection and pick a Bootstrap Admin Template that fits your project.
  2. Download and Open:Get your chosen template from WrapPixel and open it in your project folder.
  3. Get to Know the Template:Check out the layout and the parts it comes with.
  4. Make It Yours:Change the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to meet your needs.
  5. Add More Stuff:If you need more features, you can put in more Bootstrap components or plugins.
  6. Test It Out:Make sure it works well on different browsers and devices.
  7. Launch Your Admin Panel:When it's all set, put your admin dashboard on your server or hosting

WrapPixel's Bootstrap Admin Templates are a solid base for building effective admin interfaces, mixing good design with practicality for a top-notch development process.

Looking for Bootstrap Admin Templates? WrapPixel is a top spot to find them online. They have a big selection of professional templates that are great for making admin panels that not only work well but look great too. These templates are based on Bootstrap and are perfect if you need something high-quality with lots of features. Just head to WrapPixel's website, and you can easily look through their collection, pick the right template for your project, and download it. This makes developing your admin panel a smooth and efficient process.

Here's how to get them:

  1. Go to WrapPixel:Start by visiting the WrapPixel website.
  2. Look Through the Templates:They have lots of different Bootstrap Admin Templates to choose from.
  3. Download What You Need:Once you find the template that fits your project, download it for your admin panel.

WrapPixel is known for the quality and variety of its templates, making it a favorite place to get Bootstrap Admin Templates.

When talking about Bootstrap 5 Admin Templates, "Modernize Bootstrap 5 Admin Template" from WrapPixel really stands out. It's become super popular and widely used around the world. Why? Because it's not only stylish but also packed with features that make it practical and versatile. Designed using Bootstrap 5, Modernize perfectly mixes modern looks with useful tools, making it a go-to choice for building advanced and efficient admin panels.

To get your hands on the Modernize Admin Template:

  1. Head Over to WrapPixel:Visit their website to start.
  2. Look for Modernize in Their Bootstrap 5 Collection:Find this specific template among their offerings.
  3. Download and Enjoy:Grab the Modernize template to give your admin panel a user-friendly and feature-rich upgrade.

Modernize Admin is a top pick in the Bootstrap 5 Admin Templates at WrapPixel, thanks to its focus on user needs and a rich set of features.

Using Bootstrap Admin Templates in ASP.NET MVC projects is a great way to make your web application's user interface look better and work smoother. These templates are easy to use and look great, and you can fit them into ASP.NET MVC without much hassle. It's all about adding Bootstrap's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript parts into the MVC framework to make your admin panels both good-looking and feature-rich.

Here's a simple guide on how to do it:

  1. Pick a Bootstrap Admin Template:Find one that suits your project's needs.
  2. Add the Template Files to Your Project:Put the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from the template into your MVC views and layouts.
  3. Make It Your Own:Change the design and features to match what your app needs.
  4. Check It on Different Browsers:Make sure it works well everywhere and on every device
  5. Launch Your App:Once everything looks good and works as it should, put your app out there.

By bringing Bootstrap Admin Templates into ASP.NET MVC, you get the best of both worlds: MVC's solid structure and Bootstrap's flexibility. This makes building admin panels a lot easier and more efficient.

Integrating a Bootstrap Admin Template from WrapPixel into your Laravel application is a fantastic way to make your admin panel both functional and good-looking. This involves mixing WrapPixel's versatile, feature-packed templates with Laravel's efficient PHP framework. The result is a backend interface that's not only easy to use but also pleasing to the eye. WrapPixel’s templates are designed to fit various web applications, making them a flexible choice.

Here's how to integrate them into Laravel:

  1. Pick a Bootstrap Admin Template from WrapPixel: Start by choosing a template that fits your project's style and needs. WrapPixel has a bunch with different designs and features.
  2. Download and Unzip the Template:Once you've picked a template, download it and open up the files. Inside, you'll find HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other assets.
  3. Get Your Laravel Ready:Make sure your Laravel setup is good to go. If you’re starting fresh, install Laravel and create a new project. If you already have a project, get it ready for the new template.
  4. Add the Template Files to Laravel:Put the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from the template into your Laravel project. The CSS and JavaScript should go in the public directory, and you can use them in your Blade templates.
  5. Update Your Views:Change the Blade view files to use the Bootstrap template's HTML. You might need to tweak the HTML to fit Laravel's Blade syntax.
  6. Connect CSS and JavaScript: Make sure the template's CSS and JavaScript files are linked in your Blade layouts. Use Laravel’s asset helper for this.
  7. Customize the Look and Feel: Adjust the CSS and JavaScript to suit your app. Change styles to match your brand and add custom scripts for more interactivity.
  8. Test Everything Out: Make sure everything works well together. Check that the design is responsive and that all the interactive parts are functioning correctly.
  9. Go Live with Your App: When everything is working great and you're happy with how it looks, launch your Laravel application with the new Bootstrap Admin Template.

This step-by-step method ensures that the Bootstrap Admin Template from WrapPixel fits perfectly into Laravel, creating an admin panel that's both efficient and visually impressive.