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Solve complex data visualization challenges for your product using our Admin Templates.

Monster Bootstrap  Admin Template

Monster Bootstrap Admin Template

Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template

B Bootstrap
Monster Bootstrap Admin Lite

Monster Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Admin Dashboard Template

B Bootstrap
Maple Bootstrap Admin Template

Maple Bootstrap Admin Template

Bootstrap Admin Template

B Bootstrap
Pixel Bootstrap Admin Lite

Pixel Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Dashboard Admin Panel

B Bootstrap
Ample Bootstrap Admin Template

Ample Bootstrap Admin Template

Bootstrap Dashboard Template

B Bootstrap
Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite

Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Dashboard Admin Template

B Bootstrap
Pixel Bootstrap Admin Template

Pixel Bootstrap Admin Template

Powerful Admin Dashboard Theme

B Bootstrap
My Admin Bootstrap

My Admin Bootstrap

Responsive Dashboard Web App Kit

B Bootstrap
MyAdmin Bootstrap  Lite

MyAdmin Bootstrap Lite

Free Bootstrap Admin Template

B Bootstrap
Matrix Bootstrap  Admin

Matrix Bootstrap Admin

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

B Bootstrap
Maruti Bootstrap Admin

Maruti Bootstrap Admin

Classic Admin Dashboard Template

B Bootstrap

Pick from our Free and Premium Admin Templates

Looking to solve complex data visualization challenges for your product?

WrapPixel’s free and premium Admin templates are flexible, customizable, and responsive helping you create stunning websites and apps with clean minimalist dashboards, themes, and panels. Our admin templates use intuitive dashboard design interfaces that help users understand data at a glance.

Our admin panels can help you speed up your workflow, with all the data visualized in a way that’s easy to understand, you’ll end up saving yourself hours every day. Each dashboard template has been carefully vetted by our UX designers for ease of use so that you can create simplified user journeys and appealing interfaces without investing too much development effort.

This means that every touchpoint and interaction that users have with your web app or website is going to be user-friendly by default. We have created interfaces with the right combination of shapes, colours, content architecture, elements and fonts so that your users feel excited, curious, and welcomed by the design rather than being put off by it.

Admin Templates: Utility and Advantages

Admin dashboards are the cornerstone of setting up a successful website or web app. So, if you own any dynamic website, having an interface to manage the data going into your website is essential. With an Admin template, you can get a view of the data, gain insights from them, understand the trends, and track the statistics of your website.

It also displays records and forms that you will need for data entry. For example, let’s say you are developing some public dashboard that shows the live data of social feeds, weather, or stock or currency values. You can use our Bootstrap admin templates to develop simplified data visualizations and comprehensive dashboards with little to no development effort.

Moreover, admin dashboards can help with customisation and maintenance of the user end of the site. They make it easy for developers to add new components and functionalities to the site as well as redesign the existing ones.

How to choose the right Bootstrap Admin Template?

Our Bootstrap admin templates come with many powerful UI elements – widgets, tables, pages, forms, charts, and applications. All you have to do is get their free or premium versions and integrate them with your web application.

However, it might also contain elements that you wouldn’t need and never use. Adding unnecessary elements will only slow down your website. Therefore, you must make a list of what you exactly want and prioritise them.

Once you are clear about the type of template you want, you can shortlist it based on the features list and get the perfect admin template for your site or app. Now, there are a few features that you need to look out for in an admin panel. Below is a list.

  • Layout options
  • Admin dashboard templates must offer a variety of layout options. While certain options may work for one app or website, it may not be appropriate for another one. You are more likely to find what you need from admin templates that have a variety of layout options. You might also find something that could give you an idea to try something you hadn’t imagined before.

    So, while selecting an admin template, make sure that you get different page variations to try out. With Bootstrap, you can also customize page variations to go the extra mile for your customers.

  • Displaying Data with graphs and charts
  • As Bootstrap doesn’t give you the options of any chart by default, it can be quite challenging to display data appropriately. However, our admin templates make use of JavaScript libraries like Chart.js and NVD3 to display data and numbers delightfully and functionally.

  • Quality
  • The quality of the design and clean code play a vital role in determining the quality of the dashboard templates. While a poor design quality is unappealing to the eye, the code quality is measured by its readability. The code must be appropriately commented and indented. It should also follow the standard naming conventions and contain the least possible errors. Moreover, it should be easy to use and optimised to load quickly.

The Best Admin Templates and Dashboards for All Your Needs

We make sure that our admin templates pass the test of time by conducting A/B testing and usability testing with focus groups of different demographic sets. We test hundreds of design variants and only the ones with the simplest user journeys make the final cut. There’s no information overload, plenty of visuals, buttons and actions colour coded according to behavioural insights so that it’s an intuitive and frictionless experience. This means that our dashboard templates don’t just look good aesthetically but perform excellently.

Our admin templates are ready to use right out of the box. You just need to choose the right Bootstrap template that’s the best admin panel for your project. You can choose from a wide array of free and premium dashboard templates each of them come loaded with rich features, plugin, design variations, fonts and more. Just pick one that’s perfect for your use case, and carefully follow the documentation to create stunningly designed backends that will blow away your competition.

All our admin templates are designed to be easily customizable, so if you want to play around with the elements and create a truly unique backend you can do that as well. There are hundreds of variations to choose from, each admin dashboard comes packed with multiple page layouts, UI elements and various live demos that will serve as your design inspiration.

Free Admin Templates For Projects and Personal Use

If you're a little apprehensive about investing money without knowing exactly what you’re getting, don’t worry, we have you covered. We have a collection of free Bootstrap admin templates that are perfect for personal use. You can create amazing product Mockups for your next major design project.

Take it slow, try out all the features and the design style and once you’re convinced and ready to take it to the world, just upgrade the admin panel template to unlock the pro version. The pro version of our dashboard templates come with a host of additional goodies and features that will take your project to the next level. So whether you’re looking to test the waters with any of our free admin dashboards or looking to go all-in with a premium dashboard template, we have you covered.

Get the Best Admin Panel Templates From Wrappixel

All our admin panel templates are responsive, cross-browser compatible, and designed according to the latest UX trends. This means that your product or website will look amazing no matter what kind of screen you’re viewing it on Android, iOS, laptop or desktop. Our dashboard templates bring your data to life with world-class user interfaces.

Also, if you purchase any admin template from Wrappixel, you can be assured of dedicated support with development and implementation along with free lifetime updates. No hidden costs and a support team to guide you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Admin Template?

An Admin Template is a comprehensive design and development resource to help you create custom admin panels. It has an extensive collection of elements, components, and example pages that make the process of creating admin dashboards extremely simplified.

What is an Admin Dashboard Template?

An Admin Dashboard Template is a complete resource that can transform how you create admin panels. It can be used straight out of the box without any sort of coding requirement. They are easily customizable and highly responsive, ideal for adapting to any screen size or format.

What is Bootstrap Admin Template?

A Bootstrap Admin Template is a ready-to-use solution to your backend efforts. It helps simplify the complex and sophisticated backend development into an easy plug and play project. These templates help you in all major backend functions such as maintenance processes, business data handling, and providing actionable insights. These website backends will help you monitor your website and business data at all times so you can make intelligent decisions based on actionable data.

How to use Bootstrap Admin Template?

Our Bootstrap admin templates are ready-to-use and have several popular plugins and Bootstrap components at their disposal that can help to create interfaces such as customer relationship management (CRM) or content management system (CMS). Just plug and play to transform your development projects. You can select the relevant landing pages, font style, layout, fonts, and design icons and choose from the available design and demo options to tweak the template as per your requirements.

Q1. How do our Admin Templates help developers?

Our Admin Templates are designed to be fully self-contained (unlike WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla). Our admin templates have all the necessary elements, example pages and components required to help you create a customized admin panel that perfectly meets your needs. If you’re looking for one comprehensive resource to meet your entire project’s dashboard and data visualization needs, our admin templates fit the bill perfectly.

We’ve collected an extensive collection of templates that are designed to cater to all your needs and are perfect even for beginner developers. You don’t need to start coding everything from scratch, just pick the relevant section of code and add them to your project. The code is clean and easily readable so you can get your project’s backend up and running in hours.

For skilled developers who are looking to add their own flair to their projects, our templates are flexible enough for advanced backend panel customizations. We have admin templates in Bootstrap, Angular and React versions.

Q2. What’s included in our Admin templates?

Each premium admin template comes with its own package, which includes source files and PSDs (Photoshop files) for Dashboard Pages. It also includes easy to understand documentation to get you started quickly with your project. It comes with dedicated 1 year support to resolve the issues you have with our template and Free lifetime updates.

Our admin dashboard templates are easy to incorporate into your project, they provide great browser support, highly responsive, and they are very easy to customize. They render well on different screen sizes and resolutions.

Here’s a quick list of what you’ll find included in every Admin template featured on WrapPixel.

  • Quality Dashboard designs that are flexible enough to play with and customize to your needs.
  • Seamlessly Responsive elements that work perfectly across latest version browsers and different devices.
  • Charting Libraries
  • Grid system for managing your design layouts
  • Fonts and styles for form elements and buttons
  • Widgets
  • UI Elements (Including Buttons, Tabs, Accordions, Colors, Modals, Alerts, Icons, Grid System, Typography, & Notifications)
  • Tables (Simple & Minimalist Data Tables)
  • Forms (Sample Forms, Basic, and Advanced elements, Form Wizard, Form Validation)
  • Calendar
  • Example Pages (User Profile, Template, Sign Up, Login, Help & FAQs, 404, 500)
  • 1 Year dedicated support
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Detailed Documentation

Q3. Benefits of our ready to use Admin templates.

No Custom Coding Required – Our admin dashboard template eliminates most of the coding required to build your dream project. This makes it easier and more convenient to maintain especially if you have limited knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, or HTML for Bootstrap Version and Angular and React knowledge for their respective versions.

Speed – When you work with our admin dashboard templates, the task of assembling, redesigning, or remodeling becomes extremely simple. Just pick the right bits of code and add them to your project.

Flexibility – With quick and easily customizable features, our admin templates offer immense flexibility to users. You’ll get a number of pre-built customizations bundled with the template, which will help in amending, remodeling, and redesigning web pages or sites as per your needs.

Mobile Compatibility – Our templates are designed with a mobile first approach so you won’t have to worry about optimizing the template for responsiveness. They are designed to perform well on any and all screen dimensions.

No Designer Required – Our beautiful design components can help you build premium user interfaces with no need of any design inputs. Our extensive customization options help you fine tune and tweak according to your tastes.

Q4. How do I pick the right Admin template?

With different admin dashboard templates, each offering plenty of customization options and add-ons, it is imperative to pick an apt admin panel template for your project. Keep in mind the following tips to help you pick the right template for your project.

  • Estimate your project size and the road ahead.
  • Study the tech stack and the template’s documentation in detail.
  • Analyze your requirements and cross check them with our features list.
  • Check which version you required like, Bootstrap, Angular or React as per your project’s need.

Q5. The WrapPixel Advantage: Unlimited updates and dedicated support

  • Once you purchase a WrapPixel’s template you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be entitled to free download of all our future updates for lifetime.
  • Our dedicated support team is at your service for any queries or clarifications. Simply send us your query at for quick resolution of your concerns.