Highly customizable & developer friendly Admin Dashboard Templates by WrapPixel. Create beautifully designed web applications and products with ease and save a month in development costs.

A dashboard is a well organized graphical presentation of the information for the business in real-time. Basically, a set of pages, which gives you reports, real-time data, status and gives you control over them. Dashboard Template is a bundle of very well designed and cleanly coded pages which eradicate the pain of Web Developers & Designers to create web apps from scratch. You can call it Admin Template as well.

WrapPixel’s admin dashboard templates are flexible, customizable, and responsive, helping you create stunning admin panels with clean minimalist dashboards, applications, tables, charts, forms and pages for your project. It will help you speed up your workflow. Each admin panel template has been carefully vetted by our UI/UX designers with best user experience so that you can create simplified user journeys and appealing interfaces without investing too much design effort.

We make sure that our admin dashboard passes the test of time by conducting A/B testing and usability testing with focus groups of different demographic sets. We also make sure the code is clean and well tested. All of our templates come with 1 year of professional support to assure you after your purchase. Also you will be able to download the future updates for one year.

We have some free templates for users to try before they buy. You can download free admin dashboard templates to build any small applications as they come with an MIT license.

Just in case if you are looking for dashboards in particular framework, here you can look into bootstrap 5 admin templates, angular dashboard templates, react dashboards, next js admin templates and vue dashboards.


Dashboard Templates

Modernize Next Js Admin Dashboard (App Directory)

Production Ready NextJs Admin Dashboard Template


4.82 / 5.00

Spike NextJs Admin Template

Trending Next Js Dashboard Theme


4.83 / 5.00

Modernize Angular Admin Dashboard

Powerful Angular Material Admin Dashboard


4.63 / 5.00

Spike Angular Admin Template

Most Popular Angular Material Theme


4.87 / 5.00

Spike Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Highly Customizable Bootstrap Dashboard


4.89 / 5.00

Modernize Nuxt Js Dashboard Theme

Developer Friendly Nuxt Js Theme


4.74 / 5.00

Modernize Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Best Selling New Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Theme


4.60 / 5.00

Spkie Vuejs / Vuetify Admin Dashboard

Powerful Vuetify Dashboard Theme


4.73 / 5.00

Spike Nuxtjs Admin Template

Production Ready Nuxt Js Dashboard Theme


4.68 / 5.00

Modernize Vuetify 3 & Vue 3 Admin Dashboard

#1 Trending Vuetify Dashboard Theme


4.82 / 5.00

MaterialPro Angular 17 Lite

Free Material Angular 17 Dashboard



Flexy Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Bootstrap 5 Dashboard



Flexy React Material Admin Lite

Free Admin built with React Material UI



AdminPro VueJs Lite

Free Vuetify Dashboard Template



Monster React Admin Lite

Free React Dashboard Template with Hooks



MaterialPro Vuetify Admin Lite

Free Vuetify Dashboard Template



Xtreme Angular 17 Admin Lite

Free Angular 17 Dashboard Template



Spike Free Angular Admin Template

Material Angular 17+ Based



AdminPro React Lite

Free React Dashboard Template with Hooks



MaterialPro React Admin Lite

Free React 18+ Dashboard Template



Spike Next Js Free Admin Template

Free NextJs App Directory



MaterialM Free Bootstrap Admin

Free Admin Based on Google's Material M3 Design



Spike Free Bootstrap Admin

Free & Open Source Dashboard Admin Template



Xtreme React Admin Lite

Free React Admin Template with hooks



Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Bootstrap 5 Admin Template



AdminPro Angular 17 Lite

Free Angular 17 Admin template



Flexy Material Angular 17 Free

Free Material Angular Admin Template



Monster Angular 17 Lite

Free Angular 17 Admin Template



Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Dashboard Admin Template



AdminPro Bootstrap Lite

Free Bootstrap 5 Admin



MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite

Free Material Design Admin



Monster Bootstrap Admin Lite

Free Admin Dashboard Template



Spike Free Nuxt Admin Dashboard

Free & Open Source NuxtJs Admin Template



Spike Free VueJs Admin Template

Free & Open Source VueJs Admin Template



MaterialPro Free NextJs Admin Template

Free & Open Source NextJs Dashbaord



Monster Next Js Free Dashboard

Free Next Js Admin Dashboard



Xtreme Next Js Free Admin

Free Next Js Admin Template





AdminPro Free NuxtJs Admin Dashboard

Free NuxtJs 3 + Vue3 Template



MaterialPro Free NuxtJs Admin Template

Free NuxtJs 3 + Vue3 Template



Flexy VueJs free Admin Template

Free Vue3 + Vuetify 3 Dashboard



Frequently Asked Questions

An Admin Dashboard Template is a pre-designed webpage layout used for creating the backend interface of a web application or website. It typically includes a combination of data visualization elements (like charts and graphs), control panels, and widgets. These templates provide a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way for administrators and users to interact with the backend of a website, manage content, view analytics, and perform other administrative tasks. They are often built using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and can be integrated with various frameworks such as Bootstrap, Angular, React, etc. for enhanced functionality.

An Admin Dashboard is a user interface used by administrators to manage and monitor a website or application. It typically provides a centralized area for tasks like user management, content control, analytics, and system configuration. The dashboard displays important information at a glance, often using charts and data summaries, allowing administrators to make informed decisions and quickly access various management functions.

Admin Dashboards are a pivotal tool in modern web development, offering a robust and efficient way to manage websites and applications. They act as the operational hub for administrators, streamlining tasks and providing a comprehensive overview of the system's performance. With features like real-time analytics, user management, and customizable interfaces, admin dashboards enhance productivity and decision-making. This centralized control panel is essential for effective website administration, combining ease of use with powerful functionality.

Think of Admin Dashboards as a super helpful control center for managing websites and apps. Here's why they're awesome:

  1. Centralized Control:It's like having a remote control for your TV, but for your website or app. Everything you need to manage is in one spot.
  2. Efficiency:Dashboards make things faster and easier. They're like having a fast-forward button for your work, saving you time and hassle.
  3. Real-Time Data:Imagine being able to see what's happening on your website or app right now, like a live sports score update. That's what real-time data in dashboards does.
  4. User-Friendly Interface:They're really easy to use, kind of like how easy it is to scroll through photos on your phone.
  5. Customization:You can change things around to suit what you like, just like rearranging apps on your smartphone screen.
  6. Security:Dashboards help keep your website or app safe, like a good security system keeps your home safe.
  7. Integration:They let you connect all sorts of tools and systems together, kind of like how a USB hub lets you plug in lots of different devices into your computer.

In short, Admin Dashboards are like a really cool, easy-to-use, all-in-one remote for managing your website or app smoothly.

Using an Admin Template from WrapPixel is like getting a ready-made, stylish outfit for your website or app's control panel. These templates are super easy to use, giving you a bunch of pre-made designs and tools that you can tweak to make your own. Imagine having a cool dashboard that not only looks great but also makes managing things like user info and checking how your site's doing a breeze. With WrapPixel's templates, you get a neat, user-friendly setup that makes keeping your site in tip-top shape simpler and more fun.

Here's how to use a WrapPixel Admin Template:

  1. Pick the Perfect Fit:It's like choosing the right outfit – find a template that matches what your project needs, whether it's fancy features or a specific style.
  2. Make It Yours:Customize how it looks to make it feel more “you.” Change the colors, fonts, and layout to suit your taste.
  3. Link It Up:Connect the template to your own systems so it shows up-to-date info and stats about your site or app.
  4. Use the Cool Tools:Take advantage of the ready-made widgets and components. They're like handy tools for showing charts, lists, and forms.
  5. Check It Everywhere:Make sure your dashboard looks good on all devices, whether it's a phone, tablet, or computer.
  6. Keep It Safe:Set up security stuff to protect your site and the info of your users.
  7. Stay Updated:Regularly update and maintain your template to have the latest features and security.

WrapPixel's templates also come with helpful guides and support, so you can easily get started and sort out any problems you might run into.

Choosing the right dashboard template from WrapPixel is like picking the perfect base for your project's treehouse. They have loads of top-notch templates that fit all kinds of projects, big or small. When you pick a WrapPixel template, you're not just getting something that looks good; you're getting a mix of cool design, handy features, and ease of use. It's like laying a strong, stylish foundation that makes running your website or app a smooth and friendly experience for everyone.

Here's how to pick the best dashboard template:

  1. Purpose and Functionality:Think about what your project really needs. Like choosing tools for a toolbox, pick a template with the right features, whether it's for showing data, managing users, or handling online sales.
  2. Design and Looks:Make sure the template matches your style. It's like picking out curtains that go with your room – check if you can change colors, fonts, and the layout to fit your brand.
  3. Fits Your Tech Stuff:Check if the template plays nice with the technology you're using, like React or Angular, and if it's easy to connect with your systems.
  4. Works Everywhere:The template should look great on any device or browser, just like making sure your favorite game works on your phone and computer.
  5. Easy to Use and Tweak:Look for templates that are simple to use and change up, even if you're not a tech wizard.
  6. Help and Guides:Good instructions and support from WrapPixel can be super helpful when you're stuck or want to change something.
  7. Check What Others Say:Read reviews and ratings to see how others liked the template.
  8. Stays Up-to-Date:Make sure the template keeps getting updates for new features and security.

By thinking about these things, you can choose a WrapPixel dashboard template that's just right for your project, making managing your site or app a breeze.

Admin Dashboard Templates are like the building blocks for creating cool, user-friendly controls for websites and web apps. WrapPixel is a go-to spot to find a bunch of these handy templates. They've got a wide range for different needs, whether you're working with Bootstrap, Angular, React, or Vue.js. What's great about WrapPixel is they offer both free and premium templates. Their designs are modern, easy to use, and you can tweak them however you like, making them a favorite choice for both developers and website managers.

Here's a simple guide to downloading Admin Dashboard Templates:

  1. Find a Good Source:Start by visiting trusted places like WrapPixel. They have loads of templates that fit different needs and tech stuff.
  2. Look Around:Take a look at their collection. You'll find templates sorted by the technology they use (like Angular, React) and what they're for (like online shops, data stuff).
  3. Dig into Details:Check out what each template offers. Look for things like how well it works on different devices, if it's good with various web browsers, and what cool features it has.
  4. Pick Free or Paid:Decide if you want a free template or if a paid one (with more features and support) is better for your project.
  5. Download and Set Up:Once you've chosen a template, download it and follow the instructions to get it working with your project.
  6. Make It Yours:Tweak the template to suit your needs. Change the colors, layout, or add your own special touches.

Remember, the key to picking the right template is thinking about what your project specifically needs, what tech you're using, and how much you want to customize it. WrapPixel’s big selection and quality make it a great place to start your search.

Admin Dashboards are super important in making web apps today, and WrapPixel is like a treasure chest for finding just the right kind of dashboard template. They've got a whole bunch of different styles, each made for specific jobs – whether you're running an online shop, a school website, a health clinic's system, or anything else. WrapPixel's templates are made to fit right into all sorts of industries, so you can find the perfect one for your project, no matter what it is.

Now, let's talk about the different flavors of Admin Dashboards WrapPixel offers:

  1. Analytical Dashboards:These are like your data detectives. Great for businesses that need to keep an eye on things like website visitors, sales numbers, or how well they're doing overall.
  2. Operational Dashboards:Think of these as your daily to-do list managers. They're awesome for keeping track of day-to-day stuff like deliveries, services, or factory work.
  3. Informational Dashboards:These are your quick info check-ins. Perfect for when you need to see important stuff at a glance.
  4. E-Commerce Dashboards:Made for online stores, these help manage sales, keep track of orders, look after customers, and handle stock.
  5. Project Management Dashboards:These are like your project roadmaps. They help track how far along things are, what needs to be done next, and who's working on what.
  6. Marketing Dashboards:These focus on all things marketing – like how well your ads are doing, keeping tabs on potential customers, and checking out your social media buzz.
  7. Financial Dashboards:Think of these as your money managers. They're all about tracking cash flow, costs, profits, and all the money matters.
  8. Custom Dashboards:These are the build-your-own-pizza of dashboards. You can mix and match features to suit exactly what your business needs.

Each type of dashboard WrapPixel has is made to be super user-friendly and practical, so you get something that’s not only smart but also easy and fun to use. This variety means you can pick a dashboard that fits just right with what you need to do.