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Created: August 09, 2019
Updated: June 17, 2023
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Step into the Future with AdminPro React Redux

Discover AdminPro React Admin Lite, the free version of the highly acclaimed AdminPro React Redux Admin template. This streamlined version is perfect for developers beginning their journey in React-based admin dashboards or for smaller projects that demand a robust yet simplified interface.

Key Features of AdminPro React Lite:

  • Essential Tools for Streamlined Projects:AdminPro React Lite includes basic UI components and page templates, offering the necessary tools for effective dashboard management in a lighter package.
  • Responsive and Intuitive Design:Ensuring a smooth experience across various devices, this lite version is ideal for those seeking a responsive and user-friendly solution for their admin needs.

Why Upgrade to AdminPro React Redux Admin Full Version?

  • Access to a Wealth of Features::The full version boasts a comprehensive range of UI components, complex dashboard layouts, and advanced functionalities, enhancing your capability to manage and present data effectively.
  • Advanced Customization and Flexibility:Enjoy a broader spectrum of customization options, allowing you to tailor your dashboard to fit your specific needs and style preferences.
  • Sophisticated Data Management Tools:With more advanced data visualization tools, the full version enables you to handle complex data sets and provide insightful, visually appealing presentations.

Benefits of Choosing the Full Version:

  • Continuous Updates and Support:Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in web technology and enjoy dedicated support, ensuring your dashboard remains cutting-edge.
  • A Comprehensive Solution for Professional Needs:The full version of AdminPro React Redux Admin is a complete toolkit for web professionals, offering a suite of tools suitable for a variety of web management tasks.

AdminPro React Admin Lite offers a solid foundation, providing a glimpse into the potential of React-based admin dashboards. As your projects grow in complexity and your skills develop, the full version of AdminPro React Redux Admin stands ready to meet your expanding needs with its advanced features and capabilities. Elevate your dashboard experience with the full version, unlocking the full potential of your web projects.

Change Log

v 3.0 17th jun 2023

  • Updated all packages to their latest version

1st Jan 2022

-React Router 6
-Bootstrap 5
-Reactstrap v9

30 March 2020

Updated with react hooks

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