AdminPro Angular 17 Lite

AdminPro Angular 17 Lite

AdminPro Angular 17 Lite

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Created: January 17, 2018
Updated: May 17, 2024
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Dashboards 1
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Page Templates 7
Unlimited Colors
UI Components 10
Bundled Plugins 10+
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AdminPro Angular: Crafting Futuristic Dashboard Experiences

Welcome to the world of AdminPro Angular Lite, where high performance meets sleek design, all for free. This Angular admin template is a powerhouse of features, packed in a minimalist design with cool neutral colors and ample whitespace.

A Perfect Start to Angular Development

AdminPro Angular Lite is not just a template; it's a launching pad for your Angular projects. With 7+ page templates, 10+ UI Components, and basic table examples, it's the ideal starting point for personal and commercial projects alike. Its fully responsive design ensures a seamless experience across all devices.

Why Upgrade to AdminPro Angular Pro?

Taking the leap to AdminPro Angular Pro opens a world of possibilities:

  • Enhanced Features:Leap from 7 to 250+ page templates, and 10 to 300+ UI components.
  • Advanced Customization:With more dashboard variations and integrated plugins, the Pro version allows for extensive customization and functionality.
  • Ongoing Support and Updates:Gain access to a year of premium support and frequent updates, keeping your projects at the cutting edge.

Start your journey with AdminPro Angular Lite and when ready, elevate to the Pro version for an unmatched Angular development experience.

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vishal bhatt


Design is pleasing to the eye. The most important part is i get it running in just 2 mins with 4 simple steps. Download, Unzip, Run npm install, Run ng serve. Code is also very easy to understand with all the features provided are working without error. Great job.

mariam ibekch


Very good template, easy to use! Hope more components.



This is really cool as it is simple to use

Change Log

Version 5.0 (17th May 2024)

  • Updated to Angular 17

Version 4.3 (16th Jun 2023)

  • Updated to Angular 16

Version 4.2 (23rd Jun 2022)

  • Updated to Angular 14

Version 4.1 (8th Dec 2021)

  • Updated to Angular 13
  • Removed Extra Style
  • Updated to ng Bootstrap5

June, 08 2021

  • Update to Angular 12

Nov, 26 2020
  • Update to Angular 11
July, 15 2020
  • Update to Angular 10
Feb 21, 2020
  • Update to Angular 9
Dec 3, 2019
  • Added 1 Dashboard
July 4, 2019
  • Updated to Angular 8

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