Released in June 2018, the Xtreme Angular 6 Admin Template is the most powerful dashboard or best admin template 2019. Not content to stand still, WrapPixel have added many new features to help meet the needs of developers and their clients and speed up the time it takes developers to get their products to market. These additions include two new applications, expanding the template’s application set to five.

But what are these applications and why should web developers be excited about them? This article explains all.

What do we mean by Dashboard Applications?

If you have any experience with Angular admin templates you will know that they often come with many customizable features such as prebuilt demos, widgets and so-called UI elements. These may include font sets, tables, charts, icons, headers, footers, cards and many others. All of these pieces are used to build up the pages and websites developed for clients across a range of industry sectors.

Applications can be thought of as extended features which perform specific functions for dashboard owners, extending the dashboard’s scope. As dashboards or admin control panels become more user-friendly and intuitive, customers are expecting to see more and more additional features. We identified five of these which we have included as applications for the Xtreme Angular Admin Template.

Alongside the email, chat and ticketing applications you may have found in previous WrapPixel dashboards, you will now find a well-crafted and amazingly designed Calendar and Taskboard application. These are ready to be integrated into your or your clients’ websites or app projects.

Let’s go through each application one by one:

Email and Chat Applications: Effective Communication Tools

Where keeping in touch with customers and colleagues is critical, the Xtreme Angular 6 Admin Template can be integrated with an email and/or chat application, turning any dashboard into a veritable communications hub.

For non-time sensitive communications, the free email application will enable website owners to send and receive emails directly from their dashboard. The email inbox has been carefully designed to resemble popular email layouts and will be instantly recognizable to users.

The message panel for composing emails is as sophisticated as any standalone email software with everything from text formatting and bulleted lists to hyperlink and media attachment capability included.

For businesses where real-time communication is necessary, the Xtreme Angular 6 Admin Template also includes a chat application. A traffic light system makes it easy to spot and click on those contacts who are online while a wide message panel helps admin users to keep track of conversation threads.

Ticket Applications: Providing Exceptional Customer Service

For clients wanting to deliver efficient customer support and relationship management through their admin panel, the Xtreme Admin Ticket application will prove invaluable. The feature offers two nicely designed viewing options.

The list view is great for an overall picture of customer support performance. It comprises prominent support ticket status indicators displaying the total number of support tickets received, how many tickets have been responded to, the number of resolved tickets and how many are still pending.

Underneath these statistics is a comprehensive table listing all tickets and displaying their status, heading, ticket number, relevant product, a person who raised the issue, date of ticket creation and the agent responsible for dealing with the issue.

The detailed view enables agents to see transcripts of earlier conversations, monitor overall stats and add comments of their own.

If these applications weren’t enough, purchasers of the Xtreme Angular 6 Admin Template now have two more applications to help with designing their perfect dashboard: a calendar and a taskboard.

Brand New Calendar Application: Booking and Scheduling Made Easy

The calendar application included for free with Xtreme Angular 6 Admin Template should be familiar to anyone who has ever used an online calendar app or service (Google, Apple, etc.) With a single click of a button, dashboard users can select from a day, week or month view before cycling through to the day, week or month they want.

Events, special days and reminders can be added directly on to the calendar and set to span several days or accurately scheduled using start and end times. Single events can even be intuitively dragged, dropped and resized to speed up the process.

Using this flexible app, the Xtreme Admin Template’s functions can be extended to include native appointment setting, event booking, meeting scheduling, employee rostering or any other service for which a basic calendar or diary system can be used.

This can save developers considerable time browsing libraries for suitable calendars or painstakingly designing their own.

Brand New Taskboard Application: Integrating Project Management

The newly introduced taskboard application can turn any Xtreme Angular admin dashboard into a project management center.

The taskboard interface couldn’t be more intuitive. All important business tasks can be divided into five columns: backlog, to do, in process, in review and done. Using a simple drag and drop action, tasks can be re-ordered within columns and even moved from one column to the next.

Of course, these five easy to use applications can be mixed and matched on the perfect admin dashboard to provide a powerful suite of admin tools. Developers can also pull the code apart and customize these applications to meet their clients’ needs.

To access live demos of all applications, select them from the sidebar menu of the main dashboard demos (you will also find a link straight into the application demos if you scroll down the product sales page).

What Other Features are Included in the Xtreme Angular Admin Template?

In addition to the five applications detailed in this article, developers and agencies purchasing this year’s most powerful admin template will also get:

  • 10 Free Angular Dashboard Variations
  • Many Page Templates
  • Thousands of Fonts
  • A Huge Range of Charts, Tables, Forms, Widgets and Other UI Elements
  • PSD Files
  • Fast and Professional Support
  • Easy to Understand Documentation

This entire package is available for under $70 (for a multi-use license), offering unrivaled value for money to developers and their clients.

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