Pixel Admin

WrapPixel is presenting you the top 2017 admin templates with this list. Pixel Admin is one of them rocking as a bootstrap admin template. It is a compact admin dashboard which has all the creatively designed essential features that you may need for various applications and that work on all devices. Bring coded with Bootstrap 3.3.7 framework, Media Query, CSS3 and HTML5, it is robust. Whether you want to use it for your own admin site or admit panel or mobile panel, this template will work the best.

There are 7 different dashboards and 6color screens that you can use. With features like range slider, multiple widgets, mega menu, summer note, light box , 13 demos, 500+ UI components and many others, this admin dashboard is very convenient. Three level dropdown menu makes it detailed and it looks good. It will be updated regularly. Besides that, you will get dedicated support any time.


My Admin

Whether you want to use an admin dashboard for your web application or custom admin panel, My Admin is a great choice. Built on a strong framework of Bootstrap 3.6.6, HTML5, CSS3 and Media Query, it is user friendly and easy to customize.

Explore its varied features like calendar, multiple charts option like Flos chart, Morris chart, Peity charts, Part line charts, inbox and calendar, more than 1000 font icons, many pages and interesting variations. There are many tables and charts available along with Google and vector maps.

My Admin is ultra responsive with LTR and RTL support. It had been integrated with jQuery plug-in and several UI components which are reusable. Its design is flat, sleek and elegant. Being 100% responsive is one of its key features. It is worth a try for applications like CRM, CMS or app backend.


Matrix Admin

Matrix Admin is also an ultra responsive admin dashboard and one of the best free admin templates which comes with a great number of options that you can use to customize it. It includes pages of login, charts, homepage, calendar, gallery, widgets, basic forms, and errors with numbers 403,404,405 and 500, interface elements and much more.

It has many types of charts and tables. The best thing is that, with all the wonderful features, you can get it for free.


Maruti Admin

Another admin dashboard that comes for free is the Maruti Admin. It has simplistic and clean features like a responsive layout, progress and nav bars, collapsible menu, breadcrumbs, badges and labels, tooltips, graphs and charts, static and dynamic tables, calendar and much more. It has been built using valid HTML5 and CSS3 Animations.

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